The Ultimate Gift Guide for Mom this Christmas


This year has been an adventure, to say the least, and quite a stressful one at that. As we all cuddle our pillows closer waiting to see what the new year has to offer, we also remember that the time is quickly approaching again to put our gift-giving skills to the test. After everything that’s gone through the headlines, it’s almost funny to remember that this was something we used to stress about.

Nevertheless, choosing the perfect gift certainly hasn’t gotten easier. Moms are superheroes every day of the year—especially this year. What do you get the mom that gives her all every single day? The answer will vary depending on each person, but we think we’ve got a few ideas that can help you out. Here’s how we go about picking the perfect gift for mom.

Morning Fuel

Being a parent is a full-time job, and for a lot of moms, that can be on top of a whole other full-time job. This can make getting up and ready to go early in the morning is paramount. The best gifts are the ones that weave themselves seamlessly into our everyday lives, and for a mom that needs to get the day going, the perfect gift can be a perfect cup of coffee every single day.

Everyone likes their coffee in different ways. If the mom in question likes a strong espresso to yank her right awake in the morning, the Capresso Ultima Pro is a great espresso machine that delivers effortless, delicious coffee. Need to be able to whip up more than just an espresso? Versatility is the name of the game with Ninja’s Specialty Coffee Maker.

Not everyone is a coffee haver, and devout morning tea havers will likely know that different teas need to be steeped at different temperatures. For the morning tea mom, the Cuisinart PerfecTemp electric kettle is a dream.

A Good Night’s Rest

The other part of having to get up bright and early means having gotten a good night’s rest first—you can’t thrive off of caffeine forever! Especially for new moms, but true for busy moms in general, getting to bed early is tough enough. Falling asleep quickly and getting a great night’s rest is another feat altogether.

We all need a little help from time to time, and for the mom who needs a bit of help getting a better night’s sleep, consider the MZOO Sleep Mask. This comfortable piece of sleepwear makes sure no residual light sneaks in and keeps the wearer from falling fast asleep, helping with a better night’s rest and to get rid of those dreaded bags.

A Scent for Success

Fragrances are pretty common gifts, but this is for good reason. Whether they’re intended for everyday use or for special occasions, perfumes are gifts that last quite a while and are enjoyable not only for the wearer but for everyone around.

Viktor&Rolf’s Flowerbomb is shaped like a grenade, appropriately, because it’s an explosion both of aromas and popularity. This crowd favorite is full of jasmine, freesia, and rose. For something a bit bolder, try the coffee and vanilla notes in Yves Saint Laurent’s Black Opium Eau de Parfum. It’s hard to leave Chanel off of one of these lists, and their Coco Mademoiselle Eau de Parfum helps us avoid just that. Notes of jasmine, orange, and vanilla? Count us in.

Glowing with Confidence

Everyone needs to take care of their skin, and for moms that have to deal with the stress of motherhood day in and day out, this couldn’t be truer.

Surprise the mom in your life with some skincare products that will help them look in the mirror and see some flawless skin glowing right back. Check out our recommendations for the best products to help with winter dryness here and our favorite serums that won’t break the bank here.

A Little Glam Feels Good

The mom life certainly isn’t all glamorous. There are some tiring and even downright ugly moments that all moms have to go through. That doesn’t mean, however, that moms shouldn’t get the chance to feel glamorous as much as possible, as well.

Makeup products can be a great gift, but improving the experience of applying makeup altogether, to us, sounds a whole lot better. That’s exactly what this three-part light up vanity mirror from AirExpect does. Reviews have called it essential, and we agree. The detail provided by the three different levels of magnification will take anyone’s makeup game to the next level.

The Perfect Cuddle

Whether it be after a long day at work, or what might feel like an even longer struggle to get the kids to bed, sometimes we just need to sit back on the couch, pour up a glass of wine, put on our favorite show, and hide under a blanket for an hour or so.

As we all know too well, not all blankets are created equal. For the best couch potato experience, many swear by weighted blankets, and among weighted blankets, there’s none better than the Gravity Blanket. Easy to wash and perfect for cuddling, it’s hard to define happiness as anything else. Another great option that isn’t quite as expensive is the Tranquility Blanket.

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