The Best Way to Spend an Evening in Washington DC

The Best Way to Spend an Evening in Washington DC

If you’ve followed along with my recent posts, then you have walked with me through my journey of parenthood...with a high school foreign exchange...

My Favorite Place In Malta: The Blue Grotto

  If I’m honest, I had never heard of the country of Malta until my husband mentioned that we should visit the tiny island. We...

3 Tips for Traveling with Teenagers

Last week my husband and I took our teenage foreign exchange student on a week long vacation to Washington DC. She loves history and...

#1 Tip for Traveling With Small Children

Whether you travel with your kids every week or only once a year, I’m sure you have heard your fair share of tips. I’ll...
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Must Have Travel Apps – 4 Most Helpful Travel Apps for Solo Travelers

I spent 19 months as a digital nomad in Europe. I'm by no means a travel expert... However, my travel experiences did confirm that...

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