The Ultimate Gift Guide for Dad this Christmas


After an overly stressful year pumped full of pandemic and protest-related anxiety, it’s hard to believe that something so heartfelt and happy as gift-giving was something that stressed us out before. Nonetheless, it’s that time of year again, and knowing what to give your Dad for Christmas can be as ambiguous as ever before.

Now, every dad is different, which means we can’t get into super-specific recommendations that will work for everyone. That being said, there are a few guidelines we consider useful to follow in order to make sure you’re considering some of the best gift options this coming Christmas. These will also be good options for any friends you might have that fall under the Dad aesthetic.

Lift Some Spirits

Not everyone loves a good bottle of whiskey, but those that do will be delighted to unwrap this high-proofed spirit on Christmas morning. However, the more they’re into whiskey, the more specific their preferences might be, and the more difficult it might be to guess a bottle that they’d enjoy.

It might be a good idea to do a little bit of research asking friends and family about their preferences; a devout smooth scotch drinker might not be too thrilled when they notice they’ve unwrapped a bottle of rye, and vice versa. If they just like an easy-drinking, smooth scotch, a bottle of Glenlivet 12 or Macallan can be a great option. If they prefer a smokier, more challenging scotch, something like Laphroaig or Lagavulin 16 will be more than great. If they lean more towards American spirits, Wild Turkey 101 and Angel’s Envy are great options for bourbon, and Redemption Rye and Wild Turkey 101 Rye are great options for rye with a great kick.

Morning Pick-Me-Up

Some of the best gifts are the ones that effortlessly work themselves into our daily routines. For many people, and for many dads, one of the first things to do in the morning is to get a good sip of coffee. Naturally, then, a nice coffee maker can be one of the best gifts to unwrap that special morning.

This, of course, will depend on what they like to drink in the morning. If they’re into a strong hit of espresso to wake them right up, the Capresso Ultima Pro is an easy to use espresso machine delivering high-quality coffee that we’d be more than thrilled to use every morning. If you need a little more versatility from your coffee maker, check out the Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker. If tea is more their speed, you can check out some high-quality infusers, like the Yossi Stainless Steel Infuser.

Wrist Candy

Some of the best gifts are both fashionable and functional, and some of the best examples of this are watches. Wristwear and timepieces span quite a range, however, and choosing the right one can be careful work. This will depend on whether the person wearing the watch will be more traditional in their style, sleeker, or maybe even more technological.

For traditional, big faced, and stainless steel options, check out Citizen Watches Men’s BN0200-56E Eco Drive. Beautiful, traditional, and functional—hard to go wrong. If a sleek presentation is more what you’re going for, the Process_M1 Watch by Adidas is dazzling and minimalist. If tech is what you need, there are very different routes to go down. On one hand, Apple’s Apple Watch SE and Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 3 are great options for full-tech, cutting edge technology sitting comfortably on your wrist. On the other hand, hybrid watches like Fossil’s Hybrid HR or Withing’s Steel HR are hybrid smartwatches that carry lots of the smartwatch tech features while flying under the radar as stylish, more traditional-looking watches.

Smell Good Feel Good

Cologne is perhaps a very common gift idea, but there’s nothing wrong with being safe! A great fragrance is a gift that lasts a long time and is appreciated by everyone around. This is, of course, highly subjective territory, but especially if you’re going to be around while they wear this cologne, it’s safe to lean towards a fragrance that you enjoy as well.

A revamped take on the classic masculine fragrance can be found in Dior Homme. For something darker and more mischievous (and pricier!), try Gucci’s A Midnight Stroll. For vanilla, moss, and cedar notes that will hug you tight, take a look at Celine Black Tie.

Silky, Smooth Skin

This might fall a bit outside of the traditional Dad-gift style, but we’re firm believers that everyone enjoys looking in the mirror and seeing silky, smooth skin shining right back. Skincare for men might not be quite as common, but that doesn’t make it any less of a great and healthy idea.

There are plenty of great products to start someone off on their skincare journey if they haven’t already. Herbivore by Prism is a great exfoliator that’ll make blackheads a thing of the past, and Fenty’s Fat Water Toner Serum is a great product that’ll bring a shine to anybody’s face.

Much Needed Deep Sleep

New parents in general are all too familiar with the need for a little extra help falling asleep. For some of us, a hot cup of sweetened tea will do the trick, but for many more of us, this certainly isn’t cutting it.

If you’re looking for a gift to get a new dad, consider something that helps them get to sleep quicker and easier, like the Mzoo Sleep Eye Mask. Like a pillow hugging your face from any surrounding light, this mask will help anyone get to sleep faster and rest much more deeply.


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