Products to Fight Dry Winter Skin


As the temperature drops, there are plenty of seasonal changes that we welcome with open arms. Big cozy sweaters, steaming mugs of hot cocoa, scarves, and coats that we can only wear during the coldest months of the year, and, of course, all of the wonderful food that we get to enjoy around the end of the year!

One of the things that come with lower temperatures that we don’t love, however, is dry winter skin. The temperature and moisture in the air changes, and so does the moisture in the skin. Fortunately, dropping temperatures do not mean that we have to surrender to unhealthy skin! Here are some great tips and helpful products to get your skin through winter, healthy, and glowing.

Cooler Showers and Body Wash

Hot showers are oh so relaxing year-round, but especially during the colder months, they can actually work against you! High temperatures in your shower can evaporate moisture out of your skin, and the lower moisture in the air means that your skin will stay dehydrated and dry. Try taking shorter and colder showers or baths to make sure your skin will retain moisture.

The right body wash can do wonders when it comes to retaining moisture as well. Eucerin Skin Calming Body Wash is a great option to include some natural oils into your moisturizing routine.

Moisturizing is Key

It seems obvious, but it can be easy to forget. The moisture in your skin naturally changes, so the way you moisturize needs to change too! Switching to a thicker, more heavy-duty moisturizer in the winter is a great way to make sure you trap moisture and hydration in your skin, which helps fight away dry skin or keep it away altogether.

Vaseline Intensive Care is a classic and great option for this. You can up the moisturizing power by incorporating a bit of moisturizing serum into your routine alongside your moisturizer, such as No7 Lift & Luminate Triple Action Serum.

Put Moisture in the Air

A seemingly impossible solution to having less moisture in the air is to put more moisture in the air, right? You can actually do this—sort of.

At least inside your home, you can use humidifiers to keep the moisture at a healthy level. This Dyson Humidifier is a great option. Keeping the temperature and moisture in your home at a healthy level dramatically reduces the amount of time your skin is exposed to these harmful conditions, which can do wonders on its own!

Always, Always Hydrate

Keeping the moisture in your skin can only be so useful—you have to make sure you’re getting moisture in your skin in the first place! This means drinking water and other unsweetened beverages, like tea.

Having water on you at all times is half of the struggle! If lugging a big water bottle around is what’s keeping you away from this, this collapsible water bottle from Que might be perfect for you! Keep in mind that drinking more water than you need won’t have any added benefits, so there’s no need to be downing gallons and gallons unless you’re really, really thirsty.

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