6 Best Subscription Boxes for the Active Mom


Sure, there are subscription boxes that benefit your kids or the entire family. But when was the last time you treated yourself? When was the last time you purchased a gift for you and you alone?

As a busy mom, it can be difficult to treat yourself (and then sometimes when you do, you might even feel guilty about it!). A subscription to a monthly gift box of goodies delivered to your door is an easy way to treat yourself on a regular basis.

Plus, if you get one of these subscription boxes that keep your fitness, busy schedule and/or wellness in mind, you don’t even have to feel guilty. Your subscription box is going to be a little form of self-care that will help you, in turn, be a better mom.

Interested? Intrigued? Ready to treat yourself? Check out these six best subscription boxes for the active, wellness-minded mom.

1. YogaClub

If your preferred method of staying fit is yoga, then you likely already have a fair amount of activewear in your closet. But if you workout on a regular basis, you know how quickly you can wear out that activewear.

yoga active mom

Ditch your holey yoga pants and the stained t-shirt for better activewear, with YogaClub.

YogaClub is a premier activewear subscription box that delivers yogi-approved clothes straight to your door, at more than half the cost of what you’d pay for pieces individually in the store. Items are tailored to your style and each $80 box comes with three pieces of product, from brands like Columbia, Teeki, Manduka and more.

2. Blume Box

With all that working out you do, you likely need to begin paying attention to your skincare, if you’re not already. The more active you are and the more often you hit the gym or running trail, the more likely your skin could succumb to breakouts or other skin problems, such as rashes or even infections, in the worst scenarios.

self care active mom

Don’t spend hours at a department store letting a salesperson talk you into buying some high-priced products, though. Blume Box has you covered, with subscriptions starting at just $8 per month.

Products you can expect in your box? All-natural deodorants, skincare products of all kinds, period products and more.

3. Trade

But what fuels all that activity, hm? How many trips to Starbucks do you make per week?

If you’d be nowhere without your coffee, sign up for a coffee subscription and try some new brews (and maybe save a little money in the process).

Trade delivers boxed coffee subscriptions straight to your door, on your schedule, with coffee sourced from the nation’s top roasters.

coffee active mom

Take a quiz that lets Trade know the best types of coffees for you, choose your delivery frequency and then rate your favorites so that Trade continues delivering coffees that will suit your tastes.

You’ll receive deliveries of one or two bags every one, two or three weeks — your choice, with subscriptions starting at $25.

4. TheraBox

Maybe you have all your yoga gear, coffee, and skincare nailed down. But you could still use a little help remembering to stop, breathe, and take a moment for yourself.

That’s where TheraBox comes in. This subscription box is filled with products curated by actual therapists, for a blend of items that will help put you in a better mindset and reduce your stress, so you can attack any active day with enthusiasm.

Subscriptions start at $31 per month.  Included items might be a skin mask, lotion, dark chocolate bar, self-love journal, incense, bath minerals or anything in between.

5. Urthbox

As an active mom, you already know that your performance is only as good as the ingredients you put into your body (and you can’t only fuel yourself with coffee). If you’re always on the hunt for the next best healthy snack, consider subscribing to Urthbox.

Choose your subscription and receive up to 30 different snacks, beverages and more delivered directly to your home. Snacks included can be diet-friendly, gluten-free, vegan or just plain healthy.

healthy snack

Past boxes have included snack bars and juices, new age beverages and granola. You might even receive a fun, extra surprise in your box. This can include things like a supplement, personal hygiene product or skincare product — all dedicated to keeping you at your healthiest.

6. Barbella Box

If you never know where your fitness goals will take you, you’ll want Barbella Box. This is the fitness subscription box for women that suits any active lifestyle.

Each month, you’ll receive a box full of premium fitness gear, ranging from apparel to accessories, snacks to supplements. Each item is picked by women, for women, and is from a premium fitness brand.

fitness active mom

Subscriptions start at $50 per month.

What are You Waiting For?

Seriously, though — what are you waiting for? Treating yourself to a boxful of goodies perfect for your active lifestyle is just as simple as signing up!

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