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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of P.F. Chang’s Home Menu for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Now that our kids are older (and I guess that means we are too), my husband and I find ourselves home alone a lot more. When the kids were little and went to bed early, a lot of our date nights consisting of ordering in, renting a movie and staying at home. It was easier than finding a babysitter, as well as better for our pocket book. So, you would think given the fact that our kids are older we would feel free to go out on the town for a date, right? Sometimes we do, but most of the time we’d just rather be at home. Especially on a weeknight. Celebrate #WokWednesday with P.F. Chang's Home Menu selections.So here we are, on a Wednesday night, chilling on the couch. The kids are gone. We’re hungry and we don’t feel like going anywhere. What’s the plan? A date night! Or #WokWednesday to be exact, with P.F. Chang’s new home menu frozen meals for dinner. It’s easy to prepare, has quality cuts of beef, white meat chicken breast and succulent shrimp paired with crisp colorful vegetables and tender noodles, topped off with signature sauces.

Are you hungry yet?

We set the table for a romantic dinner for two. (After we cleared it off that is. It’s crazy how messy the dining room table can get, right?) I went very simple, but elegant with the table setting. One way to make the table look fancy and like you tried hard, is by using chargers under your plates. I purchased these silver ones for just under $2 and they look so nice against our black table. I use any excuse possible to use our Chinese to-go containers, which I put some chopsticks in, as well as served rice in. To finish it off, we lit a candle, dimmed the lights and were ready to enjoy our meal. Celebrate #WokWednesday with P.F. Chang's Home Menu selections. Celebrate #WokWednesday with P.F. Chang's Home Menu selections. I chose orange chicken from the P.F. Chang’s Home Menu frozen items. (I also had Honey Chicken and General Chang’s Chicken to choose from in my freezer.) Preparation is fast and easy. Open the bag, pour it into your wok or skillet, put the lid on and cook for 12 minutes, stirring occasionally. The sauce thickens and it’s ready to eat. Both the authentic Aisan ingredients and cooking techniques were designed by P.F. Chang’s founder Philip Chiang himself. The aroma coming from the orange chicken filled or house and made it smell oh so good. Celebrate #WokWednesday with P.F. Chang's Home Menu selections. Celebrate #WokWednesday with P.F. Chang's Home Menu selections. Celebrate #WokWednesday with P.F. Chang's Home Menu selections. This was the perfect amount for the two of us, when served with rice. The only thing I wish we had (which I looked for everywhere) was fortune cookies. That would have been a fun way to end our date! 

Check out our date night video, from preparation to sitting down and enjoying a meal together. A special guest, who was not where he was supposed to be, appears in the video.

What a perfect way to break up the week! I declare hump day to be #WokWednesday from now on. You can pick up P.F. Chang’s Home Menu in your grocer’s frozen aisle nationwide. Believe me when I say you’ll want to pick up more than one.

In fact, how would you like the chance to win a Wok Wednesday Kit for yourself so you can enjoy a P.F. Chang’s Wok Wednesday meal? Giveaway details below:

  • One winner will receive a Wok Wednesday kit which includes branded woks, chopsticks, tableware and more
  • U.S. resident only may win
  • Must be 18 years of age of older
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  • Winner has 48 hours to reply back with their mailing address

Good luck!

Celebrate #WokWednesday with P.F. Chang's Home Menu selections.

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  1. I think it would be nice to surprise my husband when he got home and have candles lit, and dinner ready, table set all fancy. Me and the kids could do it together.

  2. We have a Mexican night and a pizza night, but we have never done a night centered around Asian food. Wok Wednesday would be a great addition to our routine. There are so many ways to eat Asian food that you could literally eat it in some form or another every night and not tire of it. Maybe we could buy the girls a Kimono to make it more festive.

  3. #WOKWEDNESDAY My sister is actually living in China, so she tells me great recipe ideas. I love broccoli in teriyaki sauce with fried rice! Make sure to include the color red if you can – it is very lucky in China!

  4. I would pair these dinners with Chinese wine (if I can find some!), break out the chopsticks, and dig in!

  5. I would love to have an outdoor Wok Wednesday. I would hang some chinese lanterns and have candles and make it a romantic and tasty night.

  6. My friend was just telling me about butternut squash dumplings at PF Changs…. pair then with a nice martini, yum!

  7. Don’t forget, you can’t have a #WOKWEDNESDAY without Chinese Beer i.e. Tsingtao, Pearl River, etc.

  8. I have some beautiful Chinese bowls and tea cups my grandmother gave me. I would make some fried rice and homemade won tons to go with some sweet and sour chicken and pour two glasses of white wine..I would light some candles and put on some of our favorite soft jazz CD’s. to complete the look #WokWednesday.

  9. i have wednesdays off work. so how about cooking some fried rice in my wok, having some wine, and watching netflix?

  10. My #WokWednesday would incorporate my bamboo place settings, chicken stir fry, fried rice, and a nice white wine with a candlelight centerpiece.

  11. I’d go all out with lanterns, cushions around the coffee table, garlic green beans, stir fried vegs, fried rice, sesame chicken, potstickers and egg drop soup. Fortune cookies, of course, and everyone knows it tastes better with chopsticks. 😉

  12. Not sure if that went through, and I know I forgot the hashtag, so please delete if it is a dupe.
    #WOKWEDNESDAY I’d go all out with lanterns, eating on cushions around the coffee table, garlic green beans, stir fried vegs, fried rice, sesame chicken, pot stickers, egg drop soup and of course everyone knows it tastes better when you eat with chopsticks. I’d also make tea and of course have fortune cookies.

  13. I would like to enjoy my #wokwednesday by cooking some stir fry and watching Netflix.

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