My No Complaining List


If I were to open up Facebook right now, turn on the news, or walk into my local coffee shop the conversations the world is having are heavy. Everything feels really heavy right now, doesn’t it? 

My No Complaining List - How I'm staying positive in a world that feels so negative.

I’m not trying to run away from the topics that need to be discussed, but I’ve been proactive on a few things to make sure I’ve surrounded myself with more positivity. Because goodness knows, the world needs more of it. I’ve unfollowed and unfriended about half of my “friends” on Facebook. In fact, I rarely get on social media except for business. The other day, I didn’t even know which room of the house my phone was in. *gasp* 

I’m a recovering news junkie and only let myself watch it for maybe half an hour and then it’s on to HGTV, the Food Network or PBS. (I watched a show on PBS about rescuing sloths in Panama and I’m pretty sure it changed my life. I’m not being dramatic. Just stating the facts here.)

My No Complaining List

But today I did something that filled me with so much peace that I felt the need to share it. I came up with a No Complaining List. I caught myself, once again, complaining about the weather. And I live in Austin, Texas where I’m pretty sure from a weather standpoint, it doesn’t get much better for a January. (Unless you love extreme winter temperatures…then this definitely isn’t the place for you.)

There is so much going on in the world and here I am, a very privileged white woman complaining about the weather.

I’m done.

My No Complaining List - How I'm staying positive in a world that feels so negative.

My no complaining list is a list of things I either have no control over, like the weather and therefore I can not do a darn thing about. Something I have complete control over and I can do something about it, but choose not to. Or complaining about it doesn’t benefit me or anyone around me. I jotted them down in the notes section of my phone, so I always have them on hand. 

Here’s my No Complaining List; a list that I’m sure will always be a list in progress:

  • The weather
  • My weight
  • My gray hair
  • My hair in general
  • How tired I am
  • What that person posted on Facebook
  • What that person liked on Facebook
  • What that person commented on my post on Facebook
  • That I have to cook dinner
  • That I have to go to the grocery store
  • That bread I ate that made my stomach hurt (I knew it would; it always does)
  • How far away we live from everything
  • Those barking dogs
  • Waking up early
  • How it gets dark so early (winter)
  • How it gets light so early (summer)
  • How I wish I was more organized
  • The dust in my house
  • The dirty dishes
  • My house that’s too big to keep clean

When I look at this list of things I sometimes complain about, I feel absolutely ridiculous.

Do I actually complain about the fact that I can’t keep my house clean? The house I’ve dreamed about moving into since my husband and I got married? Yes, yes I do.

Do I actually complain about having to go to the grocery store to buy food with money that we have? Money that I don’t really have to think twice about spending? Yes, yes I do.

Do I actually spend energy complaining about the weather when there are larger than life problems going on in our world? Unfortunately, yes, yes I do.

I wonder how my world and my perception of my world will change by keeping this no complaining list front and center in my life? I wonder how yours might change as well?

My No Complaining List - How I'm staying positive in a world that feels so negative.

Do you want to join me? I challenge you to come up with your own no complaining list. Let’s make an effort in a world that is so full of negativity right now, to focus on the positive things. To focus on the things we can change and be grateful for the things we have. And to spend the energy we’re saving from not complaining to give back in some way.

If you’re struggling with staying positive and being true to what’s in your heart, here are a few books and posts I recommend reading:

My No Complaining List - How I'm staying positive in a world that feels so negative.


  1. Yes! This morning I was thinking about this very subject and wondered how different the world would be if we just realized how lucky and blessed we are!

  2. Hi Julie, I have just found your blog on Facebook. This is really a very nice idea of being positive. Actually, I am connected with thousands of work at home moms and always hear from them about their work-life challenges. I am going to share it on my social channels. It’ll be a great help to them. Thanks a lot.

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