Fall 2019 Fashion Trends



    We’re still soaking up the summer sunshine, last-minute family vacations, and back-to-school shopping. But Fall is fast approaching, and it’s bringing along a whole new style.

    In fact, you can expect snazzy British trends of dress suits, lush fabrics of plaids and classic houndstooth and creamy satin, with long wool capes and impractically tiny purses. 

    At least, that’s what seemed to be popular during the recent fashion weeks. And if that’s what they were modeling, then we can expect the stores to be producing items in line with those fun, fresh trends.

    Fall 2019 Colors: shades of purple

    One thing is certain about this Autumn: the fashion colors will look more brilliant than the leaves on the trees (or the ground)! Although golden hues were common on the runway and resemble Fall leaves, purple was even more popular.

    Not royal purple though, but rather shades of soft lavender or orchid. Which can pair perfectly with your Fall favorites.

    • Purchase dress shirts in a light shade of purple to match your neutral dress clothes. (And keep reading…we’ll talk more about dress suits!)
    • Find thick sweaters in a calm shade of lavender.
    • Light purple and silk are the perfect match for a sexy Fall shirt.
    • A rich orchid colored long-sleeve blouse can be a statement piece that still melds with the burnt browns, vivid oranges, and strong yellows of the season.
    • Although this isn’t purple, the runway still had a lot to say about neon turtleneck shirts that are used for layering. See one in the store? Buy it and give it a try!

    Fall 2019 Fabrics: satin and fleece, plaid and houndstooth

    It’s clear that there are two fabrics who will rule this Fall: satin and fleece. The latter is expected, but the former is a nice surprise. 

    However, does satin cause lace to come to mind? If you find a satin blouse paired with lace, snatch it up! It’s dressy (which is coming back into style) and a perfect pairing (like wine and chocolate). 

    Fleece is the typical fabric of Fall. It’s warm and cozy and exactly what you want to snuggle into after the first few days of cool weather. Fleece jackets and vests aren’t going out of style anytime soon, so don’t take them out of your closet this season.

    As for patterns, rustic plaids and classic houndstooth designs will perpetually remain a staple of Fall fashions. The hues may lean toward purple and neon, but all Autumn colors remain trendy.

    Fall 2019 Styles: suits and square necklines

    Hail the royals of England for staying true to their style, and sharing it with us across the pond. Dress suits are making a comeback! Pant suits and skirt suits are gaining popularity, even though some are more military-styled and others are feminine cuts and yet more are androgenous. The fact remains, suits are in.

    Extra tip: suit jackets with a belt are going to be extra popular. Read more about belts in the accessories section below.

    One item worth noting is the masculine style or androgenous feel of suits. Shoulder pads are making a comeback (your Mom will be glad!). We’re all for shoulder pads that shape your body to look strong and confident. But there is a decisive line when those shoulder pads have literally gone too far. Read more about this below under Trends to Avoid.

    Lastly, square necklines have been spotted by the top fashion designers. You can expect to see gentle square necklines in a basic tee, and dramatic ones donning a gown, or oddly geometric ones that cut narrowly toward your shoulders. Thankfully a square neckline aligns with long sleeves, so you can be stylish and warm at the same time.

    Fall 2019 Accessories: belts and small purses

    As mentioned above, belted shirts and jackets were a common fashion statement during recent fashion weeks. The best part about this trend is that you don’t have to buy everything brand new. You can simply buy a belt to accessorize your existing jackets! Opt for something in leather or a shiny material.

    Belts are practical and slimming, especially when placed on the thinnest part of your waist. But the next accessory is unfortunately not as practical: tiny purses. We don’t mean small clutches or wristlets. We mean the size of eyeglass cases. 

    Again, this was a hit with fashion models, but we will see if it trickles its way down to the general public. Perhaps Mamas will opt for small handbags the size of a cell phone so there is some functionality. However, enormous bags that Mary Poppins would be proud of are a trend of the past.

    Fall 2019 Outerwear: long wool capes

    The last Autumn trend you can expect to see in 2019 is long wool capes instead of coats. Capes are elegant, to match the dressier style fast approaching, yet simple. Not to mention, they pair well as a medieval fashion trend to pair with square necklines. 

    If you’re not a fan of capes, try draping your existing coat over your shoulders instead of slipping your arms through the sleeves. You’ll get the same feel but within your budget, since winter outwear isn’t always cheap. 

    Fall 2019 Trends To Avoid

    How can we mention the fabulous Fall trends without commenting on the ones we hope will be averted?

    • Shoulder pads. Again, we’re not opposed to shoulder pads done well. But runway models may or may not have been wearing items that looked to be the size of football shoulder pads. Let’s hope this style doesn’t run rampantly extreme.
    • Feathers. Birds fly south for the winter. Perhaps designers thought about gathering up their loose feathers and plastering them onto clothing to remember them while they’re gone. Long-feathers on shoes, hats, and hemlines may be too much for this Fall.


    • Patchwork everything. We’re not sure how patchwork quilts worked their way into satin, houndstooth, and dress suits, but we spotted a few patchwork articles on the runway. Maybe this one is better reserved for Winter.
    • Not-your-average-hats. Beanies and hats can be a cute and practical accessory in the Fall, especially on the crisp evenings. But elongated George Washington style hats don’t project the Fall vibe that most Mamas anticipate.


    Once the weather turns…

    We can’t wait for the Fall weather to approach so we can see you fabulous Mamas in Fall plaids and houndstooth, dusty shades of purple, or long-hanging capes. Which trend are you most excited about?

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