Airport Travel Tips During COVID-19


Although traveling on a plane may seem daunting right now, especially with children, it is sometimes a must. If you have upcoming travel plans, here are some easy travel tips you can use during these confusing times.

COVID Travel Tip #1

Be prepared by always having multiple masks per person. A good idea is to permanent marker your initials on your mask so that you aren’t comingling masks and possibly getting anyone else sick. Since masks are easily left behind or get dirty easily, make sure each person has two to three. It’s a good idea to purchase washable cloth masks so you can easily wash and reuse them. Another tip while going through an airport is to wear a mask that you can hang around your neck and not use the ones that go around your ears. The reason being is that you can take it on and off easily and if you aren’t wearing it, it is still hanging around your neck and won’t get lost.

COVID Travel Tip #2

Write yourself a list for the airplane and pack this in your purse or another carryon that is easily accessible on the plane. This travel kit should include antibacterial wipes, plastic bags so that you can dispose of used wipes and other items, extra masks or face shields, gloves, tissues, and antibacterial lotion or spray. Make sure you wipe down your chairs at the airport and on the plane, tv, and armrests. Don’t forget your wipes when going to the lavatory on the plane as well.

COVID Travel Tip #3

Since airlines are at a bare minimum with staff and flight attendants, it’s best to bring your own food and waters if possible. Not every airline is serving drinks or food, so check their website to make sure. Bringing your own items can ensure that it is more sanitized this way. Knowing where your items come from can make a big difference. If you can pack certain foods from home, do so. This will limit the exposure of the virus compared to you purchasing items after you get close to your gate.

COVID Travel Tip #4

When reserving your flight, make sure you opt in to get flight notifications on your phone in case of any changes at the airport, security, flight changes, or information regarding health and safety. Keep up with the airline’s website by reading how to’s during this time. Also, do not forget to make sure that the state and city you are flying into do not have any travel bans from the state you are traveling from, this could lead to you be quarantined if you do not pay attention.

For more information on how you can keep your children safe during this pandemic, check out the CDC website:

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