How to Be a Stay-at-Home Mom


    If you’re wondering how to be a stay-at-home mom while pursuing your dreams of starting a business, having a fulfilling career, or just making some extra cash, then you’re in the right place!

    Becoming a mom is the greatest thing I’ve done in my life. When my kids were young, I wanted to spend every minute with them (well, almost every minute), but I soon realized something wonderful (and a little scary!):

    I still had all of my hopes, dreams, passions, and skills pent up inside!

    I wanted to pursue my dreams, but I was afraid I’d have to spend long hours at the office or pay a ton for daycare.

    Luckily, I learned that neither was true!

    These days, there are plenty of ways for moms to stay at home while making money and pursuing their passions.

    We’re going to take a look at some great jobs for stay-at-home moms, but first, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself that will help you understand the ideal mom/work balance for you.

    What Kind of Stay-at-Home Mom Are You?

    Stay-at-home moms are the most resourceful and creative people in the world. That means that there are many avenues that lead to stay-at-home success. Which one appeals to you?

    • Mompreneur: Mompreneurs are moms who start their own businesses. I talk A LOT about mompreneurs on because I am one! Starting your own business can be extremely fulfilling and lucrative, but it can be frustrating too! It’s also important to realize that you might not see any income for quite some time.


    • Momday-to-Friday: These moms find careers online or over the phone that have a more traditional vibe. These jobs are great because the pay and work are regular. On the downside, you may have less freedom regarding your hours.


    • Mom On-Demand: Moms on-demand are the freelancers of the mom world. They take jobs when they want to and are paid per task. The income is less stable, but the real attraction is the flexibility.

    What Skills Do You Have?

    Moms have TONS of skills. In fact, many of the skills that you develop as a mom are incredibly valuable in the world of work (problem solving, time-management, multitasking etc.). Ask yourself, “What do I do well?” And more importantly, “What do I love doing?”

    Here’s just a short list of valuable skills that you can use to start making money as a stay-at-home mom:

    • Art
    • Writing
    • People Skills
    • Teaching
    • Organizational Skills
    • Communication Skills
    • Knowledge of a particular topic (marketing, basket making, soccer—anything!)
    • Computer/IT skills

    If you find yourself drawing a blank, ask your friends, family, and your partner. They know what you’re good at!

    How Flexible Are You?

    No, this is not a question about Yoga! This is a question about how much control you have over your time. In the end, being a stay-at-home mom is all about being there for your little ones. A mom who has a newborn or kids in school is likely going to be much more flexible than a mom with a house full of toddlers.

    Remember, as a stay-at-home mom, YOU are the boss. The job you choose should work around your schedule as a mom, not the other way around.

    Awesome Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms

    There are plenty of jobs for stay-at-home moms, and more are popping up every day. Here are some of my favorites!



    Type: Mompreneur

    Income: Depends

    Flexibility: High

    Starting a blog is a great way to explore a topic and develop a lucrative business. I started this blog years ago, and now I earn enough to support my whole family! The results are different for everyone, but if you find your niche and take advantage of all the ways to make money, the earnings potential is limitless.



    Type: Mom on-demand/Momday-to-Friday

    Income: Depends (commission-based)

    Flexibility: High

    Are you a people person, or do you have any experience in sales? In a direct sales job, you are given products by a manufacturer. You then sell those products and profit from each sale. Some direct sales brands you may recognize include Avon and Pampered Chef. These jobs are great because you can make your own hours, but you will need to find your own customers. If you’re a social butterfly or live in a big town or city, direct sales might be perfect for you.



    Type: Momday-to-Friday

    Income: $10-$20/hr

    Flexibility: Medium

    You can do this job in person, on your computer, or even on your smartphone! Helping young people learn to read or do math equations by becoming a tutor is very fulfilling and can provide a decent hourly wage. Or, you can help people around the world of all ages improve their English by becoming an ESL (English as a second language) teacher online. You can get certified in as little as a month and start teaching via webcam.



    Type: Mom on-demand

    Income: $10-$50 per hour (set your own rate)

    Flexibility: High

    Do you have a way with words? Online article writing and editing is in high demand and can prove to be a big money-maker. Start by making a profile on a freelancing website like Upwork. Then, use the search tool to start looking for jobs. Before you know it, you’ll be writing guides, blogs, reviews, product descriptions and more. And the best part? You can set your own price, decide your own hours, and choose the jobs that you want to do.



    Type: Momday-to-Friday

    Income: $10-$15/hr

    Flexibility: low

    There are plenty of companies who need remote customer service representatives. If you like helping people, this could be the job for you. You don’t need much experience to get on the phone or on the internet and talk to customers about their issues with a product or service. If you choose this job, you’ll be working for a company, not yourself. Your hours will be set in advance, so it’s not the best job in terms of flexibility. However, you’ll enjoy a stable income and the potential for promotions.



    Type: Mompreneur/Momday-to-Friday

    Income: $30/hr

    Flexibility: Medium

    How much time do you spend on Facebook (don’t lie!)? I know I spend my fair share. Many smart moms have turned their social media savvy into successful business ventures. As a social media manager, you’ll manage the social media pages for a business or a brand. This might involve posting, promoting content, responding to comments, and generating more followers/views/shares/likes. You can do this job completely from home, but be clear with your client about how many hours you can commit to it per week.

    Be a Stay-at-Home Success Story

    The key to finding success as a stay-at-home mom isn’t about making a lot of money. It’s about finding what you’re good at, combining that with your dreams, and doing something that makes you feel great.

    If you don’t hit the nail on the head the first time, don’t give up! It took me years to get into my stride, and now that I have, I want to help other moms to do the same! If you have any questions about how to be a stay-at-home mom, contact me or leave a comment!