DIY Shelves for a Minimalist Bedroom


If you’re looking for an extremely easy DIY Shelves project that can be done in an afternoon or evening, I have just the one for you. If you’re looking for a DIY furniture project for non-DIYers, this is also for you. Our 15 year old son loves the minimalist look and his bookshelves as bedside tables just weren’t working for him. The solution? Shelving with brackets, which has clean lines and requires no floor space.

DIY Shelves 05

I remember seeing these bracket shelves in a magazine years ago and I knew they would be perfect for what he was wanting. So we headed to Lowe’s for wood, brackets and stain.

DIY Shelves 02

He chose the wood with the grain he liked and we had them cut it in half. Then he chose a stain color, going for something a little dark. We used wood finishing cloths and were pleased with how easy they were to use and how the color turned out. The shelves dried very quickly and it was time to attach the brackets.

DIY Shelves 04

We attached the brackets to the wood shelves and then attached them to the wall. (Although you can do it the other way around as well.) We were able to find studs to screw into, which makes them very sturdy. The brackets give the shelves a bit of an industrial look, which is what he wanted.

DIY Shelves

I think they turned out really nice and am thinking of doing something similar for our master bedroom.

For more detailed step-by-step instructions visit this post.

Here are a few more DIY shelves with brackets:

DIY Shelves 09

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Have you done any DIY projects lately?