Your Holistically Hot Transformation: A Guide to Being Healthy, Fit and Balanced


I have a question for you. How do feel today? Are you tired? Are you exhausted? Are you down? Do you just feel overall blah from the inside out? Let me tell you one thing. You’re not alone. Let me say it again. You are NOT alone.

I’ve been on the brink of breaking (in fact, one time I did break) not being able to put my finger on what it was that was getting me so down. After several years of feeling this way, I am happy to say I’m in a good place. It took some serious self-care and the support of my family to get to where I am now. But, it didn’t happen overnight and I still have some work to do.


This is where health coach and author Marissa Vicario is coming into my story. I just finished reading her new book, Your Holistically Hot Transformation and through her words, insight and experience; she has me so excited about continuing my journey of healthy living, from the inside out. Although I’m in a good place, I’m not where I want to be health wise. I have some work to do with what I fuel my body with, my exercise routine and balancing out my work life. 

So, what is Your Holistically Hot Transformation all about? Hear it from the author herself on what inspired her to write her book, what being Holistically Hot means and her philosophy on nutrition.

Q: What inspired you to write Your Holistically Hot Transformation?

A: Health and wellness has become more mainstream in recent years, so there’s a lot of nutrition information available from a multitude of sources, most of it competing. Because I studied nutrition, I can sort through it all, but what about the woman who is just getting started on her nutrition journey? I noticed that when I started working with a client, she was almost always confused and misinformed about how to eat and the mindfulness and self-care parts were most often completely missing. I wanted to simplify everything for the woman who is just starting out, confused to the point of paralysis or has tried everything to no avail and wants to start over with a more balanced approached. I remember being that woman at one time, so I wrote the book I would have wanted to read. Sometimes we need someone to reassure us it doesn’t have to be so complicated and that everything is going to be OK. That’s Your Holistically Hot Transformation.

Q: What does Holistically Hot mean?

A: It can mean anything to anyone. For the purposes of the book, “Hot” refers to being healthy, fit and balanced. To me, it means looking and feeling my best naturally without dieting, calorie counting, juice cleanses and other fads. It’s things like green smoothies and dark chocolate, daily. Rocking sneakers and a yoga mat just as well as high heels and a manicure and fueling your body, not starving it. It’s finding that authentic, healthiest version of you and feeling good about how you arrived there.

Q: What is your philosophy on nutrition and wellness?

A: Start where you are and do what you can. Eat real food and cook for yourself more often than you dine it. Health and wellness can be really simple if you let it.

I loved her ‘start where you are’ approach and I believe that’s what people need.


A Guide with Practical Advice

Not only will her book leave you inspired to take action, but she shares practical advice for making healthy living a habit. This is the information I’ve been waiting for! I don’t know how many times I’ve read a book, an article or a recipe for healthy living, only to be left with the fact that what they were suggesting was darn near impossible. From rigid eating plans and ingredients I’d have to have imported from who knows where, to crazy exercise schedules that this busy mamma knew weren’t happening.

How does making healthy living a habit sound? By definition a habit is “a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.Can you imagine healthy living being hard to give up instead of hard to attain? Can you also imagine craving food that fuels you and not even desiring the ones that don’t?

In her book, she talks about how after some time, you won’t even miss the foods that aren’t good for you. Your taste buds change and I am a testament to this. You see, I gave up sodas quite awhile ago. At first, it was hard and I was craving one all.the.time. But then over time something happened. I didn’t crave them anymore and when I did try one it was too sweet, and had a bad after taste. Talk about a triumph!

 Your Holistically Hot Transformation

Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle Free of Dieting, Confusion and Self-Judgment

How does a healthy lifestyle free of dieting, confusion and self-judgment sound? I can hear you saying ‘Yes!‘ 🙂

There are a couple of excerpts from her book I want to share with you because they truly embrace the message of self-care I have started trying to share here. Self-care is about loving yourself. It’s about tuning into what your body and mind need. It’s letting go of self-judgment and not feeling guilty about taking care of yourself.

Hear what Marissa has to say:

“My approach to wellness is holistic, meaning I look at how every area of your life fits together to make the whole. Sure, that includes food, but it goes well beyond it too. What if, for a moment, we took the focus off food to explore how fulfilled you feel in other areas of your life: How happy you are in your life and in your skin? What hobbies do you have that light you up? Are your finances in order? Is your spiritual life in check? Do your relationships lift you up or drag you down? How is your living situation working for you?

Food + Lifestyle. That’s my approach. ”

“When you come from a place of forgiveness, love, and self-care, a healthy lifestyle no longer seems like a chore, but a gift you give yourself.”

Beautiful words that make you think aren’t they?

Are you ready to start your journey with Marissa? Are you ready to become Holistically Hot? I know I am. 

Pre-order Your Copy of Your Holistically Hot Transformation

You can pre-order your copy here. Your Holistically Hot Transformation will teach you how to:

  • Make healthy living a habit far beyond the rules and regulations of any diet
  • Understand the messages your body sends you so you can give it what it needs
  • Stock a healthy and organized kitchen and put whole food ingredients to good use
  • Make simple self-care a regular part of your day
  • Enjoy travel, dining out and spending time with friends without ruining your waistline or sacrificing your healthy habits
  • Put everything into practice with actionable advice, motivational mantras and fast, fool-proof recipes

When you pre-order her book starting today and going until June 5, 2016, you get some fantastic freebies. I can say they’re fantastic because I’ve seen some of them! Here’s what you’ll get when you pre-order:

  • A downloadable meal planner so you can stay organized and plan healthy meals for the week ahead.
  • A 25% savings on Marissa’s group or private coaching, so you can take what you’ve learned even deeper
  • A 3-minute Breakfasts eBook with Marissa’s favorite recipes that will have you out the door in no time with a nutritious start to your day
  • A colorful bookmark with motivational mantras that will keep your place in the book so you stay on track with your wellness goals
  • A signed copy of the book

Will you join me on this journey? Here’s to being Holistically Hot!

*Disclosure: Mom Fabulous received a review copy and bonuses in order to facilitate this post. All opinions are 100% my own.


  1. I love how you shared this in such an authentic way and I’m glad the book served you. That was my goal in writing it – to create something that people could actually take practical action on 🙂

    • Such a job well done in getting your message and passion across Marissa! I believe every woman needs this book. 🙂

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