Top 7 Reasons to Get Your Glasses Online


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I have two kids in glasses and it’s looking like my middle son and myself will both need them as well.

We found out the hard way with our daughter that buying pricey retail glasses was not the way to go for us. Why? Well first off, kids break glasses, scratch them and lose them. It’s just inevitable. Secondly, our daughter’s prescription has changed four times since she started wearing glasses. As she has grown, her eyes have changed and that meant new glasses. After awhile, that can add up! I believe it was when she was on her third pair that we got smart and starting buying glasses online.

What are the benefits and reasons to get your glasses online, specifically at Keep reading…. - 7 reasons you should buy your glasses online-01

Top 7 Reasons to Get Your Glasses Online

1. Shopping online means a wider variety of different styles

Whether you’re buying glasses for yourself and want them to look fashionable or are purchasing a pair for your sports playing kiddo who needs something durable, the selection online is pretty amazing. There’s something for everyone.

2.  A complete pair of glasses at starts at $48 w/ lenses and that’s before any coupon discounts

I believe we paid close to $300 for my daughter’s first pair of glasses. Crazy, I tell you. Just crazy. 

3. When you sign up with, you receive 50% off the first pair

That is huge to me! The need to buy new glasses always seems to come at the wrong time. Oh, you need new glasses after I just paid XXX in fees for band? Awesome. I’ll take any savings I can get. - 7 reasons you should buy your glasses online-02

4. Customers can save up to 70% off retail prices

Even after you’ve used the first time customer 50% off savings, you can still save a ton of money. The glasses are affordable and high quality.

5. Speaking of quality, their lenses are made by professional opticians at in-house state of the art laboratories

There’s no need to worry about the quality of the lenses when ordering from They offer the same quality as retail.

6. Shopping online means risk-free shopping

What do I mean? They offer free shipping & returns, free exchanges, a price match and 365 day product warranty. Needless to say, you’re covered.

7. You can “try on” any pair

Worried you won’t look good in the glasses you order online? Just upload your photo and see what you look like with their virtual try-on set up. - 7 reasons you should buy your glasses online-03

I’ll let you know what the eye doctor says about my eyes. I have a strong feeling I’ll be rocking some frames soon. Do you purchase your glasses online? Let me know!

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