Today I’m Going To…Get Myself Completely Organized (Just Kidding)


Today I’m Going To… is a weekly series about challenging ourselves in little ways and sometimes in big ways. You can read more about it here.


Do you ever wake up and you’re like ‘That’s it! Today is THE day I’m getting organized. No more chaos! No more mess! No more missed appointments and lost papers!’ I didn’t have a morning quite that dramatic, but I did have a morning where I noticed I needed a change.

I’m not really going to get myself completely organized, but I am going to take a baby step. I’m a pretty organized person. If you came to my house and looked through *most* of my cabinets and rooms you would see that. Of course I did just move and we did just do a big purge of a lot of stuff, so that definitely helped.

But there is a room where I am an absolute disaster just waiting to happen. It’s a room you can’t look into and see. (Thank heavens.) It’s my head and my schedule. Oh and papers…oh my gosh papers. Now those you can see.

So my goal today is to pick out a system and a planner. I’ve been waiting because I’ve been trying to decide on a system. My oldest son introduced me to the Bullet Journal. You can see what it’s all about here. It’s a lot of writing, so I needed to decide if I was up for that. I love the concept, but like I said – a lot of writing and I’m afraid I’ll get lost in the system.

So, the Bullet Journal concept is on hold right now….system decided.

I’ve looked at planners at the store and they’re just Blah. Then I see all of these cute printable ones, but they’re the wrong size and then all of that printer ink. Or the pain of going to Office Max and having them do it and bind it. Gosh I’m picky and possibly a little lazy.

There’s one thing I do know and have figured out – I am a paper planner kind of gal. I have tried to go purely digital and I just can’t do it. I just need that paper. (Sorry tree friends.) I definitely use my phone for quick calendar appts. and short grocery lists, but for planning and day to day list making – it’s paper all the way baby.

So today, after a lunch appointment I have, I am marching myself over to Target and picking out a planner. If it’s not as pretty as I’d like it to be, that’s what Washi Tape is for right? Right. I just need to have a place to write down everything that’s going on. A place to brain dump.

I’ll take a picture of it as proof I actually bought one and put it on Instagram. Organization FTW!