Today I Read An Entire Book, And Got Paid For It


I am terrified of letting people see too much of the “real” me.

In fact, I hesitated to write this post – big time. Who knows if I’ll even end up hitting publish. (Spoiler alert: I did.)

What has blogging done for me and my family? It's helped me earn a full time income from home. My husband works with me. I've hired my older son and daughter for video and admin work. It's a dream come true. And sometimes I get to read a book and get paid for it! Come see one of the tools I used for my success.

But a conversation I had with my husband just the other day keeps replaying in my head. It was a conversation about putting more of me into Mom Fabulous, by giving you glimpses into what my life is like and who I am as a woman. That terrifies me because I don’t let many people in. Heck, I don’t often let myself in and I know that’s one of the reasons I have moments of feeling completely unfulfilled.

That feeling of not being fulfilled has baffled me. Here I am, truly living my dream life. Because of my efforts — and because of you wonderful, amazing readers — this blog has allowed my husband and I to work side by side from home. We set our own schedule. We have lunch together almost everyday. We get to travel without having to ask for time off.

We’re showing our kids that a life you love is possible.

todd and julie

(Side note: Mom Fabulous is a LIFESTYLE blog. Sure, I cover hair and makeup and clothes and food…but when it comes right down to it, none of that matters a whole lot if you are not able to really choose and design the life you want, the life you dream about. That’s really what this message is about: creating the life you most desire.)

We’re living the dream, yet I have moments of something feeling off.

I know what it is.

My husband knows what it is.

It just scares the heck out of me to do something about it.

So here I am, taking the first step (although it feels like an enormous leap over the Pacific Ocean) and being real with you. That’s what’s been bothering me. I know I have things to share and it’s about time I did something about it.

Here’s one topic I want to start sharing with you…the fact that I have created a blog that earns a full-time income (and more). And I think (know) you can do the same thing.

Keep reading…

What has blogging done for me and my family? It's helped me earn a full time income from home. My husband works with me. I've hired my older son and daughter for video and admin work. It's a dream come true. And sometimes I get to read a book and get paid for it! Come see one of the tools I used for my success.

Today, I read a book and got paid for it. That’s right. And to top it off, it was a romantic book from one of my favorite authors. While I spent about four hours reading today (one of my most favorite things to do), I was making money.

If this sounds like something that interests you, then keep reading. 

I hesitate to share this because I feel like it’s bragging or putting myself on display or saying hey look how cool my life is…nanny nanny boo boo. But that’s not why I’m sharing this. I’m sharing this because I truly believe you can live the same life.

By blogging.

Stay with me here.

I started blogging in early 2005 when I pitched an idea to a company for a blog I wanted to write for them, and they decided to believe in little ol’ me. They hired me and I started writing about organizing tips, which then led to a slew of other topics like parties, movies, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes (not even joking), tennis (I know less than nothing about the sport) and toys.

Fast forward 11 years later, and I’m still at it. Before you throw your hands up in the air and get frustrated thinking it’ll take you 10 years to make a living from blogging, don’t leave until you read my friend Sarah’s story. (And then come back because I have more to say. 😉 ) 

Here’s a snippet of her guest post:

I took off the password and made my website live and people dove to it in the hoards. Within my first full month blogging for the public, I hit over 10,000 in traffic. Within 12 months, I was making over TEN THOUSAND dollars a month (yes, a month) from my blog and had nearly a million in traffic.

I can pretty much pinpoint it to the day when I looked around and wondered if there was more to life.

Instead of forgetting it, letting that thought pass me by, I seized it. I went for it, and I haven’t looked back since!

Let me just say that 2016 is an exciting time to be a blogger — and it’s just going to get better. You don’t need to spend years and years and years (like I did) learning this crazy, exciting blogging thing that’s now a dream career and pays like one.

Is it hard work? Heck yes. Is it sometimes frustrating and I feel like banging my head against a brick wall? Again, heck yes.

But it’s also rewarding, fun, exciting and you get to do things like:

  • Read a book and get paid for it
  • Channel your creativity into your own little world…which you just so happen to share with the rest of the world
  • Meet amazing people who think like you do
  • Go on trips
  • Work from home
  • Work side by side with your spouse (if you want to, that is…it’s not for everyone, I know 😉 )

How does that sound? Is this something you REALLY want?

If you have a blog already and you need a nudge, shove or enormous push in the right direction, sign up to be apart of the 2016 Elite Blog Academy class. I won’t go into extreme detail about what it is because you can read what I already wrote about it last year, plus you can go to the sign up page and learn more.

I will tell you that last year’s Elite Blog Academy (EBA) class played an integral part in turning my blog into more than a full-time income. Even though I started working on Mom Fabulous in 2011, this past 12 months that I have implemented EBA strategies has grown my blog’s income more than 10X.

I’ll be taking the class again and I would love it if you joined me. If you bring a burning desire, follow the courses and DO THE WORK, you won’t regret it. The payoff will be many times what you paid for it.

If you don’t have a blog but want to start one, here are a few tips. Get yourself set up with hosting, a domain name and some blog posts and then sign up for the 2016 Elite Blog Academy course.

You can get on the waiting list right now, but registration begins February 22nd and goes until February 26th.

I am more than excited about this new class because Ruth and her team have restructured the course and added even more great content.

Are you ready? If so, I’m over the moon excited for you!! Have questions? Ask away and I’ll answer what I can.


I believe in you.

You CAN make 2016 your most exciting year yet.


  1. This post makes my face AND my heart smile! I remember those early blogs and I’ve watched your journey and I’m so thrilled for you. I’m also excited to see you embark on the adventure of pulling back the curtain so that we can see more Julie. You’re beautiful and amazing and I’m happy to say I’m one of your biggest fans!

    • Thank you Jeanne! It’s been a fun and interesting ride. 🙂 I’m so glad we’ve known each other since those early days and I look forward to what the future holds for both of us!

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