The New Brita Stream + That Perfect Cup of Espresso


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Brita at Target. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’ve officially become a bit of a coffee snob and I blame it all on my oldest son. You see, about 8 months ago he got his first job. As a barista. Not only has he educated me in the art of coffee making, but he brings home great quality coffee just about every week.

Brita Stream Pitcher at Target

Did you know an espresso shot dies after 10 to 20 seconds? It dies. Meaning it becomes bitter. I now know that bitter espresso is like drinking death and I don’t want to have anything to do with it. These are the coffee facts that fill my brain and I am so okay with it. (Some say this ‘espresso death’ is a myth that started to get employees to be more efficient in their coffee making. Maybe it’s working?)

But if there’s one thing he’s taught me about making a quality cup of coffee, is it all starts with the quality of your water. Long gone are the days of filling up the coffee machine’s reservoir from the faucet. That’s a crime in the coffee world with bad tasting coffee as your punishment.

You need filtered water. So how does one go about easily getting filtered water?

The New Brita StreamThe new Brita Stream at Target

I’m sure you’ve heard of Brita and their pitchers which filter your water. We purchased one for our daughter for college because she said it was on every ‘must-have’ list for living in a dorm. She uses that pitcher every day, so I’d say it was a smart purchase.

The Brita Stream, which is available at Target stores February 26th, features Filter-As-You-Pour Technology. 

What Is Filter-As-You-Pour Technology?

The Brita Stream Pitcher at Target The Brita Stream Pitcher at Target

The Filter-As-You-Pour Technology is brand new within the Brita product line and it allows for faster filtration. No more waiting for the water to make its way through the filter. You just fill the pitcher and pour instantly, enjoying filtered water in a snap.

There are several features, besides the filter-as-you-pour technology, that I noticed about the Brita Stream:

It has a controlled pour so you can easily fill water bottles

We use reusable water bottles for packed lunches every day, as well as keep them on hand in our refrigerator for grab and go cold water. But let me tell you – filling up those water bottles is such a pain! The Brita Stream’s controlled pour makes it incredibly easy.

Brita Stream Pitcher at Target

The sleek modern design fits seamlessly into my decor

We can leave this pitcher right by the coffee machine and it doesn’t bother my eye for design. I’m not looking for perfection, but if it’s going to be out on my counter, I want it to look nice. The design also allows this pitcher to not take up a lot of space in the refrigerator, which is super important. I mean, I still need room for the 15 containers of almond milk and 12 jugs of orange juice, right?

Brita Stream Pitcher at Target

Easily tell when the filter needs replacing

When you use your Brita Stream pitcher for the first time, just press the filter life button on the lid for 8 seconds to activate. When you want to see how much life your filter has left, just press the button for 1 second. Easy peasy.

Brita Stream Pitcher at Target

The Brita Stream pitcher is perfect for college kids, families, singles – anyone who wants filtered water quickly and in a pitcher that features a modern design. It’s available at Target for purchase starting February 26th!

Espresso shot anyone?

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