The Best Products and Tips On How to Cover Under Eye Circles


It’s no secret that one of the most prevalent issues when it comes to makeup is knowing how to cover dark circles.

No matter how much concealer you swipe under your eyes, it just can’t take those ever-present dark circles away completely. However, with a few simple techniques and products, those pesky dark circles will disappear, and you’ll look fresh and awake.


How to Cover Dark Under Eye Circles: The Best Products

Drugstore Products


  1. E.l.f Studio Eye Primer and Liner

e-l-f-eye-primer-and-liner-sealerIt’s hard to believe this primer is only about $3. No fading, no creasing, under eye makeup stays put. What more could you ask for? Opt for this product if you’re on a budget. Bonus: there’s an eyeliner sealer on the other end.

  1. NYX HD Eyeshadow Base

nyx-cosmetics-eye-shadow-baseMakeup lovers argue that this base from NYX has longer and better staying power than most high-end brands. In addition to keeping your under eye makeup in place, it keeps your eyelids from getting oily. Wear this one alone, if you’re not feeling like doing a ton of makeup that day, or under concealer to keep your under eyes fresh and awake.


  1. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Concealer + Treatment

maybelline-new-york-instant-age-rewind-eraser-dark-circles-treatment-concealerThis is one of the most popular drugstore under-eye concealers, and for good reason. The applicator is a rounded sponge, and it not only covers up those dark circles, but reduces puffiness and fine lines under the eye. The product says it’s for aging skin, but it can definitely be used or skins of all maturities.

  1. L’oreal Visible Lift CC Eye Concealer

loreal-paris-visible-lift-cc-eye-concealerIt’s not easy to find makeup to suit the needs for people with sensitive skin, but for your under eye, L’oreal’s got you covered. If your under-eye area is fairly sensitive, this is an excellent concealer because of the metal rollerball applicator. It’s soothing on the skin and you’ll have flawless under eyes in no time.

  1. Revlon Photo Ready Concealer

revlon-photo-ready-concealerIf you’re getting ready to take some pictures, this concealer might be your best bet. This product is shaped like a lipstick, so just a few swipes under the eye and you’re ready for your close up.

How to Cover Dark Circles: The Tutorials

For a step by step process of how to apply your under eye concealer, watch one of these tutorials. They’ll show you everything you need to know for flawless under eyes.

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How to cover up dark under eye circles


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