The 7 Hottest Fashion Trends For May 2019


The 7 Hottest Fashion Trends For May 2019

It is easy to forget about fashion when you are busy with so many other aspects of your life. Remembering what is trending comes secondary to working numerous hours and/or trying to juggle all of the responsibilities you have at home. With that said, May is here and the last thing you need is to spend another moment looking like you have no idea which side is up. Here are 7 fashion trends that will make you look better than ever.

1.Tie Dye

You probably thought this was one of those fashion trends that were long gone, but it is definitely making a comeback. If you are not fond of the rainbow-hued version that reminds most of the 1960s, you can opt for those that consist of ombre versions of one shade. Also, try not to overdo it by wearing multiple items with this pattern at once.

2. Bamboo Purses

When the weather starts to heat up in May, you do not want to get stuck holding a huge bag made of some heavy material. Many are following a trend that was brought to life by Cult Gaia, the bamboo purse. People who purchase these tend to love the fact that most of them do not have enough room to accommodate clutter. Also, they make it a point to be more organized since everyone can see what you are carrying.

3. Biker Shorts

If you are one of those women who adore wearing leggings even when you are not in yoga class, then this trend is especially for you. These are comfortable enough that you can wear them all of the time, yet they fit the body and offer a bit of sexiness and femininity.

In case you have not seen anyone wearing these yet, do not worry. Numerous spring runway shows have featured these, Being the first to wear them in your neighborhood will show that you are more fashion-forward than those around you.

Another thing that makes this a hot trend is the fact that you can wear them with sneakers and a tee for a dressed down look during the day or with a nice blouse and a heel if you are heading out for a night of fun.

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4. Orange And Yellow

These are the colors that everyone is wearing this season. If you head into any department store looking for clothes and accessories, you will see numerous items in these two colors. You may be hesitant to wear these colors, particularly if you are not a fan of bright tones, but there is no law that says you have to go for the most brilliant items available.

Instead of looking like a crayon exploded on you, consider deeper orange hues, like turmeric. As far as yellow is concerned, you can stay away from sunshine and lemon if you like, but consider warmer options like mango and honey.

5.Fanny Packs

While people used to laugh at those who thought wearing one of these around their waste was cool, they are making a comeback as well. They are available in numerous shades, sizes and materials. The great thing is that you can stick with the trends without spending more than you can afford since it is common to find fanny packs in thrift stores all across the country.

If you are a mom, wearing a fanny pack is a solid choice since you can stay fashionable while carrying along items your children may need while you are out and about.

6.White Sneakers

Most have been so caught up in all of the colorful hues that sneaker company have released over the past few years and white has been pretty much forgotten – until now. In May, you can expect to see countless people wearing these with everything from rompers and jeans to slip dresses and shorts. There are so many styles available that it should not be difficult for you to find one that you like.

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7. Maxi Dresses

Spring is that season where it is sometimes too chilly to wear something short, yet too warm to wear something that is too covered up. Maxi dresses can solve this problem. There are casual styles available for those who do not want to feel like they are playing dress up and formal options for those special occasions. The range of styles, materials and colors is endless, so feel free to take this opportunity to show the world who you are.

As you already know, having a fast-paced life filled with work, school meetings and family time can mean that you forget to glam up and show off the fashionable side of you. If you want to reclaim that trendy lady who you used to be, make sure that you take the time to try one or more of these ideas this May.