5 Tips To Avoid Sweating Off Your Makeup This Summer


    Summer means one thing: sunshine! And sunshine creates warm days, plenty of humidity (or 100% lack of moisture), and the perfect opportunity to sweat.

    Whether you’re playing in the backyard with your family, hosting a picnic with your friends, watching your kids play sports, taking a hike or a fitness walk, you want to endure the heat without sweating off your makeup. How can a Mama look fresh without feeling like her face is melting off?

    Tip #1: Wear the bare essentials

    Maybe you’re the kind of Mama who goes makeup-free in the summer, but plenty of mothers enjoy wearing makeup daily. The top tip to keeping your makeup on while sweating is to wear only the bare essentials.

    Sunscreen should always be on, especially in the summer months. Don’t love the feel of oily sunscreen? Try to find a sunscreen powder! Many women don’t need foundation once their skin absorbs a little sun. And blush or bronzer may not be necessary while your cheeks are rosy from the warmth.

    Opt for the basics: a water-resistant eyebrow pencil and/or eyeliner, waterproof mascara, and a neutral lip gloss. Bonus if your lip gloss also contains SPF! Try to avoid creamy eyebrow pencils or eyeliners, since that composition tends to drip and smudge more easily that hard pencils or powdered eyeliner.

    Tip #2: Use an oil-absorbing primer

    Sweat produces a lovely sheen on your body…except no Mama wants a shiny face! Heat makes faces more oily, and you can combat the oil in a few ways.

    First, incorporate our DIY face toner into your skincare routine. The apple cider vinegar, the main ingredient of this toner, naturally restores your skin’s pH balance. No, it will not keep you from sweating. But yes, it will help you sweat less.

    Secondly, apply a primer before engaging in your summer activities. Select one that is made for oily skin; some options even come tinted so you can use it as a primer and sheer foundation in one. Bonus if this also includes SPF!

    Tip #3: Set your makeup

    It’s always a good recommendation to set your makeup to lock your beauty in place. However, it’s extra helpful during the warm summer months! Similar to the primer, find one that is made for oily skin to combat your sweat. Some products include antioxidants, which naturally fight against the free radicals produced in your skin during sun exposure.

    Tip #4: Blot, don’t rub

    Did Grandma always tell you this? “Pat, don’t rub.” Well, the same advice rings true when you’re worried about sweating off your makeup. The blotting technique is a gentle pat, as opposed to the rubbing motion.

    When needed, such as when you’re dripping with sweat or your radiant face has a glistening sheen, gently blot a towel over your face. Re-spray with your favorite setting spray or hydration mist. Allow to dry and then resume your normal summertime fun!

    Tip #5: Go natural!

    Mama, you can look glorious without makeup! The summer heat is inevitable. The sweat won’t stay at bay for long. The extreme humidity or suffocating dry air will linger through the season. Just go with it!

    Embrace the time by knowing that your body temperature will rise. Your cheeks will naturally flush. Your skin will organically glow. Who knew you could look so good despite the heat.

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    Avoid sweating the makeup off your face

    Avoid worrying if your makeup will sweat off by wearing minimal makeup in the first place! A tinted sunscreen and a lip gloss are an excellent base. Mascara is a nice addition if you want an extra pop (just make sure it’s waterproof!). And most importantly, blot – don’t rub!

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