3 Drinks That Nourish Your Skin


Washing your face and eating a nutritious diet can perk up your skin, push away blemishes, and make your Mama face youthful. But there are a few drinks that can offer similar benefits like fighting free radicals, reversing aging, and protecting against damage.

Drink #1: Water

Water is essential to your body’s functioning and vital to you skin’s health. Water flushes toxins out of your organs. Staying hydrated also helps your body expel waste through urination, bowel movements, and sweating. That’s the same waste that could come out in your skin as blemishes or zits.

How can you drink enough water? Thankfully water comes in forms other than the standard clear liquid. Vegetables like cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce (like spinach) are high in water content. Fruits with excessive water include watermelon, berries, and citrus fruits. Don’t forget that soup or broths, jello, and popsicle contain large amounts of water as well to count toward your daily fluid intake!

You may be thinking, all drinks have water in them, right? Theoretically, yes. Stick with naturally flavored water, milk, 100% fruit juice, and tea. Avoid sugary drinks or soda because the extra ingredients counteract the water intake.

MomFabulous tip: Need more flavor to actually slurp down and enjoy water? Add fresh fruit directly to your glass or freeze fresh fruit mixed with water in an ice cube tray.

Drink #2: Green Tea

Green tea contains some of the most powerful antioxidants, especially polyphenols. Let’s take a minute to define terms:

  • Antioxidants are the agents that counteract the harmful effects of free radicals.
  • Polyphenols are known to be anticancer, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antiviral.
  • Free radicals are a natural byproduct of the body that actually damages your cells and  tissues.
  • Antioxidants bind to the free radicals, which deactivates them before they become harmful.

In particular, green tea offers protective features for your skin, especially in regards to skin cancer from sunlight or damage caused by aging. It can make skin more moist and elastic, perfect for every busy Mama.

In one research study, women drank green tea each day. After 12 weeks, those women has less redness after exposed to the sun.

Don’t love green tea? No problem. Mix green tea with fresh blueberries or lemons. Add a bit of sugar or honey for a sweetened taste.

MomFabulous tip: Don’t mix green tea with milk. Some science shows that drinking those two together can reduce the positive impacts from green tea.

Drink #3: Red Wine

If water feels boring and green tea doesn’t peak your interest, perhaps red wine will! Red wine is known for the ingredient resveratrol, which comes from the skin of red grapes. This fantastic element reverses the effects of aging, fights free radicals, and prevents skin damage in general.

Hoping to have more than just a basic glass of red wine? Make a homemade sangria by soaking fresh fruit in your red wine. Add a bit of soda water to make your drink bubbly. Expand your horizon to include different types of red wine; concord grapes taste more like grape juice while merlot is more rich and cabernet is woody.

MomFabulous tip: Drinking too much wine obviously has its drawbacks. Drink in moderation to receive and retain the best benefits. The best suggestion is one glass of red wine per day.

Drink up!

Mama, sit back with a refreshing glass of cold water in the middle of the afternoon, a fresh pot of green tea in the morning, or a glass of wine in the evening. Your skin will relish those refreshing ingredients and look radiant!

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