The 5 Best Planners To Help You Stay Organized This Year


    Launch the new year with a new planner! We listed our favorite planners for the Mama who:

    1. Wants a detailed look at every single day of the week
    2. Wants a general look at the day
    3. Wants to see the week in a glance
    4. Wants to have a monthly spread
    5. Wants to plan for her family in addition to herself

    If you are overwhelmed by the endless options of top-notch planners, look no further than this list. First, think about your practical needs. 

    • What are you looking for in a planner? 
    • What kind of features do you wish your current planner had? 
    • What would help simplify your calendar? 
    • Is this planner for your personal life, professional life, family life, or a combination?

    Then consider your personality:

    • Are you naturally organized and detail-oriented? …or do you wish you were?
    • Do you prefer to keep things loose so you have freedom?
    • Do you already use a planner? Do you want to start using a planner? Have you used one before?

    Then – with those answers in mind – check out MomFabulous’ recommendations for planners!

    1: Daily, detailed planner – Day Designer for Blue Sky Daily Planner

    Features: 1 weekday per page, with Saturday/Sunday sharing one page. 

    • Hourly schedule
    • “Tonight section” 
    • Top 3 daily tasks
    • General task list
    • Lined notes section
    • A place to record daily gratitude 

    This Day Designer planner is perfect for the Mama who need to track extensive details on a daily basis. It has a section each day marked with hours from 6am-8pm. That’s essential to balance work tasks and family events. There’s also an area for the day’s top 3 tasks; a nice feature that ensures you focus on the necessities. There is a large spot for general tasks with checkboxes, and a lined box for notes. The “tonight” box is a great spot to mark your meal plan, and the gratitude section is great for reflection at the end of the day. All of those features fit onto one page, meaning every single day has plenty of room for planning! 

    Every Day Designer planner includes a step-by-step yearly goal setting, planning, and maintenance section, as well as monthly calendars (with their own to-do list on the side) and plenty of notes pages in the back. 

    2: Daily, general planner – Simplified by Emily Ley

    Features: one-week view per open-page spread, each day has a lined area and a to-do list.

    • Convenient monthly tabs
    • Monthly calendar, with a to-do list on the side
    • Simplicity challenge details
    • Holiday list and Bucket list section
    • Future planning (mini monthly calendar beside a notes section)

    If you’re craving simplicity and minimalism with a chic design, this Simplified planner is exactly what you need. Each day has its own color to easily distinguish between weekdays and each day has an area for notes and a task list. You can easily notice your entire weekly schedule in one page view – perfect for leaving open on your desk or kitchen counter. 

    And you can even plan ahead for future years with a functional planner tool! Mini monthly calendars are listed beside a lined section to markdown notes. A vacation to the beach in July of next year? Mark it down. Parents coming to visit for the next round of holidays in 2 years? Write it here so you won’t forget. When you get your new planner next year, these dates-to-remember are ready to be transferred from your Simplified planner.

    3: Weekly planner – Erin Condren Life Planner

    Features: a weekly spread with days blocked into three sections, plus a spot to write your dinner menu. 

    • Weekly spread
    • Monthly calendar with notes section
    • 4 sticker sheets included (some are decorative, and some are for reminders, appointments, etc.)

    For Mamas who need to keep track of an array of general things, go with the Erin Condren Life Planner. It offers enough structure to plan monthly, weekly, and daily, but not so much structure that you need to have exact details. If you naturally hold random details in your mind – like how your son’s soccer games always start at 4:45, and you only water your houseplants every Thursday morning – you will appreciate the balance of this planner. Include the details as necessary, or feel the freedom to just write “soccer.” 

    The addition of stickers is a nice bonus, especially for the weeks that you crave beauty and have time for the extra effort. This planner offers the choice for vertical, horizontal, or hourly layouts, and many cover design selections.

    4: Monthly planner – Orange Circle Studio Just Right Monthly Planner

    Features: monthly grids, list of holidays, and lots of perforated tear-off note sections!

    • 17 months per planner
    • Full-color monthly spreads
    • Pocket for loose papers
    • Elastic closure

    Go old-school with a monthly calendar, except this Just Right Monthly Planner doesn’t have to be publicly displayed on your fridge. Track all of your events, dates, and important details on a monthly spread calendar. Store loose papers (like receipts, field trip details, or kid’s athletic calendars) in the handy pocket. Now those papers have a home, and they won’t get lost with this planner’s elastic closure band. 

    There won’t be any mistaking this monthly planner for a calendar with such fun cover designs, like sloths, artistic flowers, or blue foiled vines.

    5: Mom/Family planner – Orange Circle Studio Mom’s Do It All Planner

    Features: weekly spreads with divided sections for up to 6 family members

    • Weekly calendar with a vertical column per day
    • 6 Horizontal rows to track everyone’s busy schedule
    • 300+ stickers for holidays, special events, and reminders
    • Pages for important information, such as emergency contact info and doctor’s phone numbers

    300 stickers to mark appointments and tear-off lists for shopping and to-dos; a handy pocket stores notes and reminders. Week-per-spread is divided into spaces to organize by task, time or day or track schedules

    Every Mama needs this Mom’s Do It All planner! First, keep yourself organized with your own block in the weekly spread. Plus, there are spots to track the schedule and events for 5 other family members on every single weekly spread! Assign each person their own line to help you coordinate who is where at what time. 

    Bonus features include 300+ stickers (some decorative and some practical), a pocket for loose papers, perforated tear-off shopping lists, perforated tear-off to-do lists, and it lays flat when open. Don’t forget to leave this planner out when the babysitter comes so she has access to important information (listed on the last few pages).

    Plan for another great year!

    Whether you love a detailed daily schedule, a glance at the week, or a classic monthly view, a planner can be helpful to launch another great year! Stay organized, don’t forget important dates, and know the schedule for everyone in your family with a new planner!