Spring Cleaning is Healthy for Your Home AND Your Family!





    It’s that time of year again! Spring cleaning time! We know what you’re thinking – not again! You’d rather be planning that spring or summer vacation. But what you don’t realize is that you NEED to spring clean your home in order to have a healthy and happy vacation or staycation with your family. Speaking of family, get them involved in the action to make it go faster. Plus, cleaning is a great exercise to keep everyone healthy in the process. We can help you make it streamlined and easy in just one weekend. Plus, we are including easy and non-toxic cleaning methods so your family can all help! Here’s the plan:

    Before Starting:

    Make sure you let enough sunlight into your home so you can see where you are cleaning. The brighter the better to see in those dingy corners that only get cleaned once or twice a year. We suggest using toxic-free cleaners, such as vinegar and water. This solution can be easily made with one-part water and one-part white vinegar. If it’s warm enough out, crack a window for some ventilation.

    Day #1:

    Dust– This will have to be done at the beginning and the end of your weekend. The first time you dust, it is important that you lay down an old sheet to cover over your furniture and beds to prevent the big nasty dust balls that will inevitably land on your belongings. One hint is to spray your dust wand or brush with your premade vinegar and water solution. This helps collect more dust than if you were to leave the wand dry. Make sure you dust the tops of fans, mirrors, doors, windows, appliances, blinds and picture frames- mostly anything you don’t notice or clean daily. Tip: look up! You will find things to dust that you don’t normally see.

    Vacuum- It’s always best to vacuum right after dusting. But this vacuum challenge is different- move furniture and appliances around to get in places you wouldn’t normally vacuum. Hint: this is a two-person job! We don’t need your back thrown out over spring break so keep it an adult team effort. Do not push pulled out furniture/appliances back before you clean the floors where they stand all year.

    Clean floors Once you clean your floors, it is also a great time to get those pesky baseboards you don’t see behind the fridge or TV stand. Cleaning baseboards is a good chance to get your kids involved! They are shorter than we are, and it is validating for them to see how much dirt they can get.

    Windows and MirrorsWhatever windows or mirrors that the kids can reach, have them do this while you are doing other tasks. Even if it’s just the bottoms of the windows and sills, it is a great help and you can handle the tops later! Since it’s only vinegar and water we are using instead of toxic solutions, they can join in and make the clean a fun time.

    Air Filter and VentsWhile it’s recommended to change out your air filters each month, it’s especially crucial during spring since the filter is clogged from the heater running all winter. Soon the air conditioner will start up and it needs to be clean for that. Don’t forget to wipe down or vacuum the air vents as well.

    Day #2:

    Tired from yesterday? We promise it’s almost over. Just think about what your home will look and feel like on Monday. A fresh start to the rest of the year. Get those kids off their electronics, put some music on and let’s do this!

    Clean appliances– We don’t just mean the outside. You do that all year long. We mean to get those fridge drawers out and clean them!  Don’t forget that toaster oven/toaster/microwave as well. Put white vinegar in the bottom of the dishwasher and in the detergent dispenser and turn on. We say to do the same for your washing machine. It will help clear residue out.

    Cabinets– Get those kiddos to gently wipe down all of the cabinets that they can reach. If there are any drawers that need to be reorganized like the kid’s drawers or Tupperware, have them do that now and wipe the insides. Next, have them clean under around the cabinets at the base.

    Clothes and shoes– Give an hour or less to this task. Get a large box for donations and have the kids go through clothes and shoes to see what does not fit any longer. This is a great way to declutter and get ready for the warmer months. Plus, it helps other kids in need and you can get a tax write off from donations.

    Oven– While you take the family on a well-deserved walk or movie, put your oven on self-cleaning mode and let that thing clean itself. Since it can be hot and sometimes smelly, we advise leaving windows cracked and an exhaust fan on. Go enjoy yourselves while it’s doing its magic. When it’s finished cooling, wipe it down as it will leave some residue at the bottom.

    Lastly– Dust again and wipe down the countertops! Have the kids chip in one last time in order to make sure any dust or residue that has settled from the oven cleaning is wiped up. And that is it! Two days of hard work will last you a long time and your home and family are set up for clean and healthy living.