The 3 Hottest Athleisure Wear Trends in the Year of COVID 19


The pandemic threw a wrench in just about every industry, fashion included. This isn’t to say, however, that fashion has been dead during COVID—far from it! Rather, the fashion trends that have come out of this year aren’t those we had expected to see.

Being at home usually beckons for something comfortable with little or less regard to what might be chic, but being at home all day, every day began to beg the question: how can we stay comfortable while also looking good? Heels and a blazer might not feel right in the living room, but working in pajamas might not feel incredibly productive, either. What’s the middle ground?

These dilemmas are precisely what drove us into the fashion trends we’re seeing in 2020. Going forward, these are our favorite athleisure trends that have come out of quarantine.

Athleisure Wear | Vintage and Retro Fashion

Staying home, we’ve moved our attention away from shopping malls and towards our browsers. A natural yet perhaps unexpected consequence of this is that we’ve shifted away from fast fashion and have started looking towards the backs of our closets. For those of us that decided to spend quarantine with family, sometimes this includes our parents’ closets.

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As a result, we’re redeveloping a taste for older fashion trends. In terms of athleisure wear, this means vintage hoodies and old school athletic windbreakers, or warm-ups. Especially as we slowly start to venture back into the outside world, an old-school sweatshirt is a perfect companion to stay comfortable at home and on-the-go.

COVID Color Coordination

Athleisure wear, itself, is not a trend new with COVID. It was having a pretty big moment on its own, no pandemic needed. Along with the already existing athleisure trend is the color coordination that came with it. Shoes matching sports bras, pants matching headbands—we all know the look. There is one element that COVID introduced to this ensemble, however.

Shoes, sweats, jacket, mask. At first, we were frantically searching to find masks at all. Now, we’re making sure our mask matches our sneakers. As masks continue to extend into our new normal, they’re a great opportunity to extend our outfits and expression.

Sustainable Minimalism

Similar to the vintage move away from fast fashion, COVID fashion has also seen a shift towards sustainability. Sustainable fashion is more than just high-quality, long-lasting materials, however. Even if the fabric sticks around, that doesn’t mean that the trends will.

The natural response to this has been the adoption of minimalist trends, which were already on the rise. Now, as we’re quarantine-bound, people are rocking their monochrome jackets, single-colored plain hoodies, and minimalism patterned sweats. These are popular and comfortable now, and the minimalism lends itself to a timelessness that’ll let you pull these clothes out of your closet plenty of years into the new normal, no problem.

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