Summer Productivity Plan for Kids- As simple as ABC’s!


Summer can really be difficult for kids, especially since they have been stuck at home for a while now. It seems like most kids would be tired of their electronics since most have been learning virtually. But what they really crave is to play on a tablet, computer, or watch TV. We all remember the feeling of boredom in the summer, but the good news is we have a great solution- and it all starts with the ABC’s. It’s not what you think- it is a simple acronym that they (and you) can remember so they complete the list below.

This is a fantastic way to get your kids active and keep learning all summer long- all before they touch an electronic device for the day. Getting these simple steps out of the way in the morning provides a healthy routine and simplifies the day so parents know their kids have exercised, read a book, completed their chores, and studied a second language. Below are the ABC’s to start your kid’s day off right!


A physical activity of their choice for 30 minutes each morning. Some ideas for activities are: throwing the football, basketball, soccer, riding bikes, jumping jacks or pushups. Anything that can get their heart rate up and keep the blood flowing.


Keeping an active mind each day will sharpen reading skills and promote memory retention for when the kids go back to school next fall. Libraries are opening back up slowly, so this is a great time to get your kiddos in a free class or rent books. Make sure they write down when each book is due on their calendar so they do not incur any fees. This helps them to be financially aware and responsible.


This shouldn’t be set as punishment, but rather chores are things that your kids can be doing to be more independent and feel confident about themselves. Start small and rejoice in the little things they are doing to help in the family home. Some ideas could be taking care of the family pet, tidying up their room, or common area rooms in the home, dusting, laundry, or washing windows. Again, have them do these things for 30 minutes or so.

Second Language

There is no better time than the summer to get your child to learn a second language. There are many apps that can help with this. is a great app to help kids learn another language. Save this one for last because it most likely will involve an electronic device. By the time they get to this last to do, they will be excited to use their device again!

These steps just took two hours up in your morning routine. Remind everyone that this is not a punishment, this is to keep sharp and healthy!

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