How to Get In A Quality Work Out Without Even Leaving the House


Whether you work outside the home, from your home, are a stay at home mom or sometimes feel like all of the above, most likely you find it difficult to get to a gym.

For a while I was doing really great visiting our local gym. My son and I would go as soon as he got home from school, then I would rush home and start dinner, then clean the kitchen (with help of course) and then there was laundry or help with homework or a school event….etc, etc, etc. You get the idea right? We’re busy women who sometimes feel stretched in a thousand different directions. Going to the gym started to become a stress for me, but I knew I still needed the exercise. Unfortunately as busy women, our health often gets put on the back burner.

Whether you work outside the home, from your home, are a stay at home mom or sometimes feel like all of the above, most likely you find it difficult to get to a gym. Here's a fantastic way to exercise and get a quality work out in, without even leaving the home. And it only takes 30 minutes!

There is one thing I know for a fact: we all need some form of exercise. I won’t even begin to get into all of the benefits of exercise because I’m pretty sure we all know what they are. There’s another thing I know for a fact: we’re more likely to consistently work out if we have some form of accountability. That’s why I was so successful with going to the gym on a regular basis. My son couldn’t go without me. But as soon as he got his license and could go without me, guess what? Yep, I stopped going to the gym! Between my time constraints and him being able to go alone, it was too easy to make the decision to not go.

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I’m incredibly excited to tell you about a way to get a fantastic, quality workout in without even leaving your home. Plus, there’s an accountability and community aspect which will help make us more successful when it comes to getting our exercise. To top it all off, the workouts are 30 minutes long which is enough time to do it while the kids are napping, on a quick break if you work from home, in the morning  before you leave for work or sometime in the evening.

I’m talking about VFit Studio, your virtual fitness studio.

VFit Studio Owner Rachele with her kids

I’ve been corresponding back and forth with the owner, Rachele (pictured above with her cute kids!), since April and have gotten to know her. Her passion to help women get the exercise their body needs and on a schedule that works for them, is very evident. This is online fitness for everyone – anywhere.

Instead of me babbling on about it, you get to hear from Rachele herself.

Mom Fabulous: Tell me a little about how VFit Studio came to be.

Rachele:  I have been in the fitness industry for the past 7+ years. I was working a full time office job and teaching/training on the side. Then I had my daughter and my priorities and schedule changed drastically. I no longer could do it all! I started doing personal training with clients online all over the world, and then started developing a system where I could bring group classes to everyone in the comfort and ease of their homes/office/hotel. I always LOVED the group class dynamic and really missed that.

Flash forward another year to the birth of my son and now I really couldn’t get to the gym. I knew I wasn’t alone! So I put the final touches on the VFit Studio and launched last October. There was finally a way to have all of the things you get from a gym class, without the time it takes getting to/from, finding care for your kids, taking off work, etc. We started with about 10 members my first week and are now rounding the corner to 100. This platform works! It’s fun, it’s effective, it builds in accountability and you are part of a super support system.

[You can read more of her story here.]

VFit Studio - online fitness for everyone - anywhere

Mom Fabulous: How does VFit Studio work and what you need to take a class?

Rachele: It’s really simple! You just need a device with a webcam (tablet, laptop, phone) and a wifi connection. You sign up for your classes via our website or app and the night before the class you are emailed a link to join in the class. You click the link and you are in!

You do need to sign up at least 24 hours prior to class. We like people to be accountable for their workouts and plan them into their week. We understand life happens and you can always cancel your spot if needed. Most members book their classes for the week on Sunday evenings. You can watch the quick video below of how it works to log in.

We have members from coast to coast and a few international now. Classes are listed in Pacific Standard Time, but members out of that time zone just keep that in mind when booking.

Mom Fabulous: What are some of the classes offered and are there different classes for different skill levels?

Rachele: Yes, we cater to every level. If a class is not for beginners, we state that in the class description. We have a huge variety of classes; from high intensity, to barre, yoga, Pilates, cardio and more. We have some of the hottest fitness classes around like POP Pilates, The willPower Method, INSANITY, PiYo. We also have a wide selection of VFit Exclusives such as Cardio Shred, Core & Caboose, Metabolic Mash Up, 30 in 30 and more.

Since these are live classes you have a certified and educated instructor to help guide you. We work with all levels and safety is always our top concern. This is why we ask that you have a webcam in your device so that we can see that everyone is performing the moves safely. Our clientele ranges from the fittest of the fit, to woman in their 60’s who have never stepped foot in the gym. We provide options for all.

You can see all of the class descriptions here.

VFit Studio - online fitness for everyone - anywhere

Mom Fabulous: Who would you say will benefit the most from VFit Studio? Stay at home moms, women who work outside the home, work at home women, single ladies or all of the above?

Rachele: Anyone who is busy and would like to make their health a priority. Because our classes are only 30 minutes and come to you, everyone wins with our platform. The classes are jam packed and people can’t believe what a great workout they get in just 30 minutes. There is so much diversity in the formats we offer, you will never get bored. We stack classes back to back if you would like a longer workout, or some take them throughout the day. Many members call our platform addicting (in a good way!). But even with just 1 class a day, you can expect to feel and see results with commitment.

I would say a majority of our members are moms (both working and stay at home), then we get a good amount of business travelers/work from home self-employed, and we have a good amount of woman in their 50’s and 60’s who may be intimidated by the gym and don’t know where to begin. Some members use our platform as a supplement to their current gym, but many are cancelling their gym memberships all together (which was never my intention, but heck!) We really have it all!

VFit Studio - online fitness for everyone - anywhere

Mom Fabulous: I saw there’s a free week offered. Can you tell me how to sign up for it and what happens after your free week is up?

Rachele: Yes, anyone new to our studio is welcome to try a free week; no strings attached and no credit card needed. They can sign up here. We believe that in 7 days, you can get a good taste if this is the right fit for you. You can test different devices, make sure your connection works, book classes and stay accountable. After the free week you have the option to continue on the team (plans start at $30/month with our most popular option being unlimited classes for only $50/month), or you can move on, no feelings hurt. We aren’t for everyone, but we do fill the void for so many out there!

Mom Fabulous: What is the average class size?

Rachele: Most classes right now have between 5-20 members. We have friends spread across the country that joined together, moms/daughters, aunts, cousins, etc. There really is a sense of community built in. Before classes, members can quickly chat with each other. Then during class we ask the members to change the platform view to just see the instructor. The instructor can see everyone. We can fit 25 to a class, although the system can actually fit 50. But in order to watch everyone, we like to keep it at 25 max since safety is always important.

Mom Fabulous: What do your students have to say about VFit Studio?

Rachele: They have a lot to say! You can see their testimonials here.

VFit Studio - online fitness for everyone - anywhere

Mom Fabulous: I saw you recently released an app. What is the benefit of using it and what are its features?

Rachele: The app allows our members to really be connected to our schedule, their class reservations, read class descriptions, track their attendance record and follow any monthly challenges we have going; plus more. You are able to book your classes, sync to your calendar, cancel a reservation, and connect to our social media accounts. It’s free to anyone.

I personally think it has helped with the accountability portion of our platform a lot, since you do need to reserve a spot in classes and plan accordingly.

Thank you so much Rachele!

Visit VFit Studio today and sign up for your free week! If you have any more questions about it, ask away in the comments!

Whether you work outside the home, from your home, are a stay at home mom or sometimes feel like all of the above, most likely you find it difficult to get to a gym. Here's a fantastic way to exercise and get a quality work out in, without even leaving the home. And it only takes 30 minutes!


  1. This sounds great! I have always said I will never pay for a gym membership, and it is so much easier to get in a workout if you can do it in your living room with the kids running around. I will have to check out Vfit!

    • I think you’ll love it Logan! Especially as a mom with young kids, you can workout while their napping or after they’ve gone to bed at night. Or even with them in the room with you. 🙂 Hope your pregnancy is still going smoothly!

    • Hi Logan! We would love to have you check it out! Kids are always running around in the classes! It’s a perfect reminder of why our health matters and how they are our reason, not our excuse. They need strong momma’s and for us to set an example by actually being the example. My kids have been working out next to me their whole lives. They have a good squat and plank going by the age of 1 🙂 If you did want to check it out, we have a free week coming up next week. Either way, just keep moving !

  2. What a great idea!! I would love to workout at home but I def need an extra boost to get myself motivated so this sounds awesome!

    • That extra boost helps! I’ve never been consistent with any DVD workouts because there is no accountability aspect. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  3. I will have to check this out. I love the gym but being able to work out at home as also really convenient!

    • It is almost built for mom’s like you Emily! Get some work done, feed the kids, get some exercise. It’s all so much easier to manage! Come check us out if you want to see what it’s all about. We have a free week going next week at . No more hours needed getting to/from a gym. And a big factor is there is a social aspect. I know how it is to work from home and getting this live interaction into your day is really cool and what a lot of the work from home moms love

  4. What a great idea. Workouts definitely shouldn’t be complicated or time consuming unless you really want them to be!

    • I agree! I wouldn’t do them if they were, that’s for sure. 🙂

  5. This is exactly what needed! It is impossible for me to get out of the house to go workout with two toddlers running around. Being able to workout from home, is about the only thing I can get in to my schedule!

    • I am in the same exact boat as you Amber! I have a 1 and 3 year old. VFit Studio is my company and I teach many of the classes, but I now can finally take classes again from the other amazing instructors. It really has filled a void in my own life that I was deeply missing. And you see so many other kids with their momma’s, it helps you know you aren’t alone in this boat. Plus, exercise is my best sanity medicine with 2 little ones. We have a free week going on next week if you want to check it out. No strings attached, you just have to reserve your spot and classes .

  6. Wow this is such an amazing idea! I didn’t know such a thing existed. Thanks for sharing! I’m going to be looking into it! 🙂

    xoxo, Sam |

  7. VFit makes me think of “Victoria’s Secret Fit” for some reason… which would be GREAT marketing now that I think of it!

    • Haha, I love this! My husband came up with another word when I came up with the name. It really stands for Virtual, but when we feel good in our own skin, we are all Victoria Secret fit!

  8. I love working out at home. You obviously have your hands full, so I am sure you do too. 🙂 I will add this to my workouts. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks Jessica! Yes, leaving the house to get a workout in just isn’t in the schedule right now.

  9. Love that you’re sharing some at home workouts!! It helps when you have such a busy lifestyle to be able to get it done in a quick and easy way.

  10. This is pretty awesome! I’m getting back into working out on a regular basis and my time is limited so I usually do something from my collection but that is getting old. I’ve always wanted to try a barre class so I will need to look at this!

    • HI Amanda! We would love for you to try our platform out. we have a free week going on next week. You just need to register at . We have a few formats of barre that are great, plus a ton of other formats. I hear you on the dvd’s getting old after a while and there is little accountability built in. Exactly why VFit Studio was created! It’s fun, it keeps your body challenged and it will change you 🙂

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