H-E-B Celebrates What Makes Moms Powerful with a Tweet-to-Win Sweeps

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Happy Mother’s Day! Well, almost. It’s coming up soon on May 10th and H-E-B wants to not only help you celebrate this special day, but they want to know what makes your mom powerful. Does she sacrifice time, money and sleep to make sure you have the best of the best? Is she an example to you of what being a mom is all about? Does she make you laugh?

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Mothers Day 2015

To me, being a mom is one very powerful responsibility. I’ve posted several times about Mother’s Day, from what being a mother means to me where I share a personal story of the two moms in my life, to just saying thank you to my kids for being who they are and a fun Mother’s Day style photoshoot I did with my daughter.

As I look back on this past year, I reflect on what makes my relationship powerful between my kids and I. I’ve narrowed it down to three things I try to focus on and always remember:

1. Be honest, even when it hurts.

As my kids get older, I’ve come to appreciate honesty and openness more than ever before. I tell them to be honest with me, even if what they have to say hurts a little. Because yes, I’m their parent. But no, I’m not perfect. And the same goes for them. There have been times I’ve had to tell them they hurt my feelings or sit down and talk about something uncomfortable. But sometimes hard conversations are the best conversations. They bring you closer. They build trust.

2. Share something with them.

I’m not talking about sharing your bowl of popcorn or that new pair of shoes you purchased (although I do both of those things). I’m talking about sharing an interest. For example, my daughter and I are both bloggers. We go to events together, we talk blogging together and we brainstorm ideas together. With my middle son it’s working out together at the gym. With my youngest son it’s watching him do things like a new magic trick or a cool shot at the basketball hoop. Find out what your kids are interested in and share that with them. Read that book they just read so you can talk about it together. Buy a bicycle so you can ride around the neighborhood together. Just share something with them.

3. Laugh and smile more than you scold and frown.

This, I believe, is one of the key things to why I have such a powerful relationship with my kids. We laugh. A lot. They make me laugh with the funny things they do and say. I make them laugh with my clumsiness and stupid jokes (okay, maybe there’s more eye rolling than laughter when it comes to my jokes). Just laugh. Smile. Have fun! When you’re tempted to scold them about a tiny little thing that when you look at the big picture, doesn’t really matter – stop yourself. It can be a hard habit to break, but one that is well worth it in the end.

HEB Tweet to win sweeps

As I asked at the beginning, what makes your mom powerful? This Mother’s Day, H-E-B wants to celebrate what makes moms powerful and going through May 8, 2015, H-E-B is hosting a Tweet-to-Win Sweeps asking fans to share a picture of them and their mom with a word that describes what makes their mom powerful to them using #HEBMoms. Be sure to enter for the chance to win a $200 H-E-B gift card and a Mother’s Day package.

HEB Tweet to win sweeps

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HEB Mothers Day

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Mothers Day