Five Things To Go Buy Now For Next Summer


I’m not a patient person by any means, but I’m working on it. I always have friends say to me ‘You have such great kids. You’re such a laid back mom. You’re so patient!’ Which in turn I just nod and smile and let them continue to think way highly of me than they should. We’ve only lived here for about 2 1/2 years and my kids are 15, 14 and 9. You see, they didn’t know me when my kids were babies or screaming toddlers with flailing arms everywhere. Anyway, how the heck did I get on this topic?

Oh yeah – patience. I’m not patient. I don’t do well with buying something that I can’t wear right.this.very.minute. But I’m working on it. My daughter and I are working on it together. (Did I mention we’re starting a fashion blog together? We are. Seriously. It’s going to happen. We’ve just been procrastinating. That’s another bad trait of mine. Sigh.)

Target Womens Sandals

Target Sandals – On Sale right now!

With all of the Back to School sales and focus on the fall season right now, you can get your hands on some seriously good summer items. Yesterday my daughter purchased a bikini top for $4.99 and a bottom for $12.99. That was around 70% off the regular price. And you would not believe how cute this bathing suit is!

So here are 5 items to go buy NOW for next summer…

5 Things To Guy Buy Now For Next Summer

1. Sandals

You can go just about anywhere from Target, Forever 21, Famous Footwear and online stores such as ShoeDazzle and Amazon to find sandals on sale. Don’t worry about the sandals being out of style for the next season. Just don’t buy any that are over-the-top ridiculous and you’ll be fine.

2. Swim Suits

Unless you plan on gaining or losing a ton of weight, this is the perfect time to purchase a new bathing suit or two. They are marked down drastically. Sure, the styles are picked through but it you’re patient (there’s that p word again) and don’t mind spending the time digging through the racks, you just might find your dream suit.

3. Swim Suit Cover Ups

Swim Suit Cover Ups just keep getting cuter and cuter. What actually used to be used for a cover-up, are now a serious fashion statement. Look around, try one on and see what you think. Here’s a little secret for you…I wore a swim suit cover up, over a pair of leggings the other day – as an outfit. And NO ONE knew. Or at  least no one had the nerve to tell me they knew. I paired it with a cute pair of sandals and I had one comfortable and great outfit that I loved and will definitely be wearing again.

4. Jewelry

You have summer jewelry and you have fall jewelry. Buy up those turquoise and coral statement necklaces that are on sale now and stock those puppies away until next year. I was browsing through Target yesterday and saw some great summer jewelry on sale and I wanted to buy it all!! But I didn’t. Because I love my house and my car and my family…

5. Handbags

Bright colored handbags – oh how I adore you. Check those clearance bins and see all of the handbags and totes that are on sale. I saw a few that were 70% off that were perfect for toting some beach essentials around.

Are you one of those shoppers who can buy something now and wait to wear it until the next season? If so, kudos to you! I bet you buy Christmas decorations and wrapping paper December 26th don’t you? I never have any money or shopping gusto on December 26th!