Fashion & Beauty eBook Bundle Only $7.40 for a Limited Time!


A bundle of ebooks covering fashion and beauty topics for only $7.40? Yes please! You can receive 5 ebooks all about beauty and fashion for $7.40, this week only, which is 75% off the retail price. Get yours here today.

Fashion and beauty ebook bundle

Here are the 5 ebooks included in the bundle:

Embracing Beauty by Trina Holden
In this candid and sometimes hilarious book, Trina shares her journey to embracing beauty in the season of motherhood. Every chapter is crammed with practical inspiration and tips for defining your style, choosing clothes and accessories that work for you, and combining it all into a look that will bring joy and confidence to your day.

The No Brainer Wardrobe by Hayley Morgan
The No Brainer Wardrobe is a book to help women learn to love the clothes they have, lose the clothes they hate, and shop for items to fill the gaps. Hayley offers images outlining outfit selections, tips for how to shop, and instructions for creating a lookbook plus encouragement to help you save time and money and feel great in what you wear.

Energy Explosion by Arabah Joy
Energy Explosion will give you the plan you need to regain your energy. In this 7-day guide, Arabah gives step-by-step instructions for jump starting your energy by addressing your body, mind and spirit, plus printable charts and checklists to track your progress!

Frumps to Pumps by Sarah Mae
Getting dressed in the morning often makes us more hospitable, more productive, more playful and more energized. In Frumps to Pumps, a one-month motivotional (motivation + devotional) from popular author Sarah Mae, you’ll find encouragement and practical tips to help you get into the habit of getting dressed so you can love people (and yourself) well.

100 Pound Loser by Jessica Heights
Jessica’s 100-pound weight loss story is inspiring, encouraging and motivating. In this short but candid ebook, she shares her story plus practical advice to help readers conquer their weight loss goals and appreciate their bodies, regardless of the numbers on the scale.

The Beauty & Fashion bundle is only available through 8am EST on Monday, 5/20. Get yours for $7.40 today.