Day 26: The Art of Relaxation


Welcome to Day 26 of 31 Days of Fashion – Tips, Tricks & Outfit Ideas

If you ask my family where my happy place is in our home, they’ll tell you it’s my bed. And they would be right. Over the last few years, I’ve really learned the art of relaxation, from setting up a space I love to the clothes I wear. My bed is comfortable, decorated in some of my favorite colors, it’s usually clean and organized and I have things on my bedside table that make me happy. There’s a lamp, a candle, a coaster for a hot or cold drink, books, magazines and lotions in the drawer. It is, without a doubt, a calming and relaxing place to be.

JJill October-01

Just as important as my surroundings for creating a relaxing space, is what I choose to wear. When I’m home and in my special spot, I want to be in clothes that are comfortable and make me feel like a million bucks. Let me introduce you to the pants I believe every woman who needs some good relaxation time, should own. The Pure Jill Angled Pocket Pants from J.Jill. They are soft. They are flattering. They are perfect…and I need a pair in every color.

They’re also on sale!

JJill October-05

JJill October-02 JJill October-04

My top is also from J. Jill, which I’ve featured here before. It’s their Lightweight Ottoman Pullover in white (also on sale!) and is perfect for wearing out and about, or relaxing around the house. I love it with the pants and have a feeling I’ll be wearing this outfit a lot during the colder months.

JJill October-03

Laying in my bed with a good book, a hot drink, a snack and clothes that are as comfy as can be, sets up the perfect environment for some me time. Now if you’ll pardon me, I have some reading to do. 😉

Do you have a special spot in your home that is your getaway? Or an outfit you love to put on immediately when you walk in the door? Let me know! I would love to hear how you relax and unwind from the day. I’m a firm believer in setting up a place in your home you love, where you can get some quality, much needed, alone time.

Could you use some relaxation? These pants from @Jjillstyle are the perfect pants to slip on after a long day of work and curl up on the couch or bed for some quality you time.


  1. I adore this post Julie. The art of relaxation, so important for us busy busy momma’s!
    Love that your room is your bedroom and your comforter is gorgeous. Love too that your are sharing a great outfit that you can relax in, love those pieces from J.Jill!

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