Day 27: Your Fall Boot Guide


Welcome to Day 27 of 31 Days of Fashion – Tips, Tricks & Outfit Ideas

Your fall boot guide - what are the different styles of boots and what to wear them with. Great fall outfit ideas too!

As you may know, I love boots in the fall. Every year, summer weather can’t be over soon enough for me so I can break out my collection of boots that have been waiting for me all season, not to mention the new ones I purchased. One question I get asked quite a bit, are about boot trends and what kind to wear with which outfits. So, I thought it would be fun to put together a fall boot guide for you, with my favorite boots of the season, plus some tips on what to wear them with. Enjoy!

Your Fall Boot Guide

Ankle Boots

Fall Outfit Ideas featuring one of my favorite color combinations white + gray. Pair it with these perfect and so incredubly comfortable brown ankle boots, a purse to match and you have one perfect outfit for celebrating the cool season.

Welcome to Day 7 of 31 days of Fashion - tips, tricks and outfit ideas. Today's outfit idea features one of my favorite articles of clothing - the cardigan. Cardigan outfits are perfect for fall and this one I received is my new fall favorite.

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These are my favorite type of boots and the ones you’ll find the most of in my closet. They are versatile and the perfect day-to-day boot that go well with casual outfits. But don’t forget that this boot also goes great with dresses, skirts, slacks….needless to say, when in doubt on  what shoes to wear, try a pair of ankle boots.

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Mid-length boot (or midi boot)

This is a type of boot I actually don’t own, but I’ve seen them more and more lately. They’re in between the ankle boot and tall boot. If you don’t want to show as much leg as the ankle boot shows, but you don’t want to cover it all up, this is the boot for you. Wear a midi boot with a midi skirt and sweater or wide cropped pants and a turtle neck. The great thing about this type of boot is there’s more room for color and  pattern. You’ll see some snakeskin, color-blocked and even ones with fabric.

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Over-the-knee boot

These over the knee boot outfit ideas are perfect for your fall fashion needs. Go casual with jeans and a tee, or dressy with a skirt.

These over the knee boot outfit ideas are perfect for your fall fashion needs. Go casual with jeans and a tee, or dressy with a skirt.

This type of boot can be both practical (gives you added warmth) and makes quite the style statement. You can wear this type of boot with a shorter skirt, over skinny jeans or leggings.

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Western Inspired Boots

Fall-outfit-idea, cowboy boots, cowboy-boots-and-boot-socks, outfit-ideas-with-cowboy-boots

Whether you’re going for cowboy inspired style or 70s with fringe, there are some options for you. You can wear western boots with a dress, jeans or leggings. You’ll find western elements such as silver, buckles and patterns on all kinds of styles of boots, giving them that western flare.

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Lace up boots

These sweater Outfits are the perfect balance between great layers and a great looking outfit. Layer a long sleeve button up shirt under your sweater, pair it with boots and your favorite jeans - and you have the perfect outfit for winter.

Do lace up boots scare you? Don’t let them! Show them you know exactly how to wear them. There are different styles of boots that fall under the lace-up category. You have your combat style which can be worn with jeans, leggings, skirts of dresses. You have the heeled ones that look really nice with jeans and dresses. Then there are the ones that go all the way up the knee. The choice is yours!

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Some other standout styles include boots with buckles and embellishments like studs. These kinds of boot styles can fall under all of the ones mentioned above.

What’s your favorite kind of boot to wear in the fall and winter? Better yet, tell me which kind of boot you’re not so sure about trying!


  1. I can’t decide which i like the best. Those mid calf boots from Nordstrom are gorgeous, but all boots are my go-to. I’m currently smitten with over the knee and just ordred some in black!!! Great post.

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