7 Ways To Protect Your Skin This Winter


Hello white snow, dreary days, and cold winds. Uh-oh! That also means hello flaky, scaly, dry skin.

How can you say hello to cold weather while saying goodbye to dry skin? Here are 7 ways to protect your skin this winter!

Tip #1: Drink water.

Did you know that water makes up 60% of your body? Which should indicate how important it is to stay hydrated! Especially in the winter. The cold weather brings along dry air. Running the heat keeps your home warm and dry. All of that dry air zaps the moisture out of your skin.

Fight the dry air with water – literally. Here’s my favorite calculation for how much water to drink daily: Take you body weight and divide by 2. That’s how many ounces of water you should ingest on a daily basis.

Curious how much water you should be drinking per day? Want to know which foods have a naturally high water content? Not sure how much extra water you need to counter balance exercise or breast feeding? Check out this handy resource for all the details.

Tip #2: Use a Humidifier.

Humidifiers make the air more humid. Basically, they add more moisture to the air. This helps maintain radiant skin (instead of scaly skin). It will also prevent nose bleeds, which often occur from dry air. Mama, if you’re home most of the day with your little ones, you will notice a difference by running a humidifier!

You can buy a fancy one like this. Or opt for your local drug store brand, which usually costs between $20 and $30. On a shoestring budget? Place a plastic bowl of water on or near your air vents. When you heat kicks on, it will push some of that moisture into the air.

Bonus: clean the air while you run your humidifier. In the humidifier, mix 2-10 drops of essential oil with an emulsifier such as witch hazel. Then fill the rest with water. As it mists into your room, you’ll mist the essential oils with it.

Tip #3: Use Sunscreen.

Yes, it may be winter with the sun at its weakest. But that doesn’t mean the sunshine doesn’t still contain UV rays. Using a light sunscreen (15-25 SPF) will protect your skin from damage and also slightly moisturize your skin (and protect your face from a bit of wind as well).

Recommended daily sunscreen: Jane Iredale powdered sunscreen or Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Face Moisturizer with 15 SPF.

Tip #4: Chapstick.

chapstickIf you protect your skin from the sunshine’s rays and winter wind, then you shouldn’t forget about your lips! Keep your lips soft and kissable this winter with chapstick. (Kisses are acceptable from your kiddos or your hubby – they will all appreciate Mama’s soft lips!) It’s best to apply a layer every night before bed; this helps moisturize them while you’re sleeping. If the weather is particularly freezing, apply a swipe each time before you go outside.

Opt for Jane Iredale Lip Balm or Dr. Bronner’s Magic Lip Balm.

Tip #5: Use a toner.

Wait, what does a toner have to do with winter skin? If you haven’t been using a toner, now is the time to start! Especially if your toner includes apple cider vinegar. This natural vinegar helps balance your skin’s pH levels, and therefore naturally restores moisture and fights against dryness.

After you wash your face, dab a cotton ball in the toner and swipe across your face. Harness the full pH benefits by using this twice per day, once in the morning (before makeup) and once in the evening (after you wash your face).

Don’t wait another day to use a toner. Make our DIY all-natural toner and watch your skin grow more gloriously radiant by the day! This homemade all-natural face wash is perfect for keeping your complexion hydrated as well!

Tip #6: Short showers.

Short showers with lukewarm water. That sounds like a punishment for a tired mama, but short showers are best for luxurious skin. Hot water sucks the life out of your skin and will leave your body more dry than before you showered. Keep that hot-cold dial strictly at warm, and speed up your shower routine.

Not sure if you can? Try taking a shower every other day during the winter unless you get sweaty (or have baby spit up on you). Use dry shampoo and perfume to feel better on off-shower days.

Tip #7: Moisturize.

Ah, the tip you’ve been waiting for! Fight the winter cole by moisturizing. Apply liberally after you shower. Rub lotion on your hands and feet before you crawl into bed. Wear gloves while you wash dishes to avoid extra dry hands.

Did you know that washing your face with a microfiber cloth will remove your makeup and clean your face without soap? Soap can dry you out even further in the winter. Consider using a microfiber cloth to wash away the day before you apply your toner and moisturizer.

Goodbye dry skin, hello radiance!

Save yourself the discomfort of dry skin or flaky patches. Implement these 7 tips for a glowing complexion and glorious face this season!