Apply Your Mascara Perfectly With These 3 Tips


    If you go without makeup, do you at least still apply mascara? Mascara seems to be the makeup of choice when women go makeup free. (Hoping to wear makeup less often? Check out how to look your best without makeup.)

    Whether you apply you whole face or not, mascara is the perfect look for a makeup minimalist. It highlights your eyes, which can helpfully overshadow other areas of our face that would be better unnoticed (such as dark under eyes of a tired Mama, or blotchy skin for the Mama who spends extra time in the sun playing with her kids).

    What if you’ve been applying your mascara wrong? No shame, we were too. But these 3 helpful tips can completely revamp the way you apply mascara with hardly any extra time. Plus, it will lengthen, thicken, curl, and “wow” your eyes!

    Tip #1: Use cornstarch as a last extender.

    This tip is so easy it’s hard to believe it’s not a more popular lash extender method! Cornstarch or arrowroot powder are commonly used cooking ingredients that will thicken up any liquid. They are essentially the same thing but derived from different plants, so pick whichever one is in your pantry or easier to find at the grocery store.

    Dusting these powders onto your eyelashes adds volume and length to your lashes. Here’s how to take advantage of this tip:

    Pour a tablespoon of cornstarch or arrowroot powder into a small bowl or jar. Using a small brush or unused mascara wand, dip the brush into the powder and then apply to your eyelashes like you would apply mascara. Gently dust the powder along the top and bottom of your lashes until they are lightly coated and appear lighter in color.

    How easy and fast was that? Now you’re ready for step #2.

    Tip #2: Curl your lashes.

    At first glance, an eyelash curler looks like a torture device. But calm your nerves, it’s an excellent beauty tool. First, ensure that you have fresh pads on your curler; if not, you can pick up a fresh set from any drugstore.

    Next, open the clamp and place your eyelashes between the two pads. Gently squeeze your lashes between the clamp, aiming to squeeze close to the roots (but be careful not to squeeze your eyelid – ow!). Just once per eye should do the trick.

    Don’t worry about your lash extending powder coming off; you shouldn’t be squeezing so hard or curling your lashes repeatedly so that the powder brushes away.

    Now that your eyelashes are white and curly, it’s time for the final phase of mascara application.

    Tip #3: Apply mascara.

    Now you can pull out your handy tube of mascara. Pick which brand, color, and style you prefer. Pull the wand out of the tube and remove any chunks. Gently brush from the root of your lashes toward the tips. Do this as many times as necessary to fully coat your lashes and remove any clumping.

    4 Bonus Tips

    Because mascara is so awesome and makes you an even more beautiful Mama, we’ve included 4 bonus mascara tips!

    Bonus tip #1: Use a safety pin to separate lashes that have stuck together after you apply mascara. But be careful not to poke your eye or eyelid! For safety measure, sanitize the safety pin with alcohol before using, and always wipe clean after each use.

    Bonus tip #2: If your mascara is beginning to dry out or get thick, add a few drops of contact solution to the bottle and let it sit overnight. Plus this will lengthen the life of your mascara tube by months, allowing you to use every drop of mascara.

    Bonus tip #3: Condition your eyelashes by adding 1-2 drops of lavender essential oil to your mascara tube. Swirl around and allow to sit overnight before using. You should get a lovely aroma of lavender each time you apply your mascara! Note: essential oils are not safe for use during pregnancy, and may cause an irritation if you accidentally get your lavender-scented mascara on an open eye sore or in your eye. Our recommended lavender oil.

    Bonus tip #4: Apply castor oil to your eyelashes to naturally make them grow longer and thicker. Our recommended castor oil.

    Perfect Mascara

    Have you perfected the application of mascara? Have others noticed your beautiful Mama mascara eyes? These 3 tips will have you perfect the look of a makeup minimalist while also highlighting your eyes.