WeWOOD – Buy A Watch. We’ll Plant A Tree


I’ve been doing something out of the ordinary lately. It didn’t used to be out of the ordinary. In fact, I used to do it ALL THE TIME. Before I owned a smartphone. I’m talking about wearing a watch. I used to wear a watch all the time. I used to wear it for practical reasons. I used to wear it for fashionable reasons. And then I stopped.

weWood Watches

The other day I received a watch in the mail and it smelled like strawberries. I’ll tell you about that watch sometime this week, but that started me on my mission of getting back into the groove of watch wearing. Which then got me into looking for really cool watch companies. Which brought me to WeWOOD. You buy a watch. They plant a tree. AWESOME.

Their website is filled with beautiful people, a beautiful philosophy, a beautiful idea and of course – beautiful watches. Take a minute to check out their website to read why they do what they do. It’s worth it. Here are a few of their gorgeous wood watches that stood out to me.

Wooden Watches from WeWOOD

Wooden Watches 05

Wooden Watches 06

Wooden Watches 07

Wooden Watches 01

Wooden Watches 02

Wooden Watches 04