Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Program Shares Special Family First Moments


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A few years ago I was asked to write a post about what being a mother means to me. I shared a glimpse into my life as a mom, and how much my kids mean to me. I also shared my story of adoption, how I was adopted at 8 months old, and later went on to find my birth mom.

Thanks in part to social media, I’ve been able to peek into the lives of my friends who are trying to or have adopted a child. My best friend adopted two kids many years ago and rescued them from a life no one should have to endure. I love seeing the “gotcha day” celebrations and realizing how these kids’ lives have been changed forever. Needless to say, adoption is a subject close to my heart. It’s part of who I am, which brings me to why I’m writing this today.My Kids Easter 2015

Wendy’s founder, Dave Thomas, also shares a story of adoption. He was adopted and knew first-hand the importance of having a family. When I think about that phrase…having a family, and realize there are thousands of kids who don’t, it hits me hard. My kids know without a doubt, my husband and I would do anything for them. But what about the kids who don’t have that support system? What is life like for them? 


In 1992. the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption was founded and is supported by Wendy’s. Dave Thomas believes wholeheartedly that these children “aren’t someone else’s responsibility, they are our responsibility.” They work to find homes for the more than 130,000 children waiting in North America’s foster care system. To date, the Wendy’s Wonderful Kids program, established by the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, has helped more than 4,500 children get adopted, through serving more than 11,500 children with the program. Children who are referred to the Wendy’s Wonderful  Kids Program are up to three times more likely to get adopted and put in a loving, permanent home.


In November, Wendy’s will be showcasing the artwork of four selected kids who have been adopted through Wendy’s Wonderful Kids Program, on their cold beverage and specialty cups. These four drawings help bring to life the power of adoption through the eyes of a child.


My kids know we’ll take a vacation or two every summer either to the beach or the mountains. It’s just what we do together as a family. Often I take for granted these special family moments and forget that not all kids have a family to enjoy a day at the beach or zoo with.  How does a kid feel after one of these family first moments? You can find out first-hand by visiting Wendy’s adoption page, where videos bring to life their story.

I love this one where Richard, 9, shares his story of going to the zoo.

My mom tells the story about how when they picked me up at 8 months old, I had never had solid food. They stopped somewhere for lunch and 8 month old me wanted a nibble of whatever they had. Needless to say, I was a happy girl. What are some of your favorite family moments? Do you have a personal adoption story to share? I would absolutely love to hear them. Please share!

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