Today I’m Going To…Not Complain About Anything


If you’re a blogger or a writer or a dreamer or a thinker you’ll relate to this. You know those moments when you’re laying in bed or taking a shower and you just have one of those thoughts? Well today I had one of those thoughts while sitting in my car.

I decided I would start a new series called “Today I’m Going To….”. It’s going to be about challenging ourselves. Challenging ourselves to try new things, to stop old habits, to call up old friends, to forgive someone, to meet that new neighbor, to look that person in the eye, to eat that food we’ve always said is so disgusting that we’ve actually never tried, to take a step in that scary new direction that we’ve been dreaming about FOREVER.

I have to make this short because Today I’m Going To….pick up my child from school on time. But that’s not the title of this article.

Today I’m Going To…

Not Complain About Anything

The reason the thought and series idea popped into my head is because I was sitting in my car eating something I shouldn’t have been (french fries) and I was about to post on Facebook about how annoyed I was with having to once again go to the store to buy school supplies, when on my feed popped up a friend talking about the loss of her son and how much she was hurting today. And then another friend talking about how it looked like she was about to lose a brother-in-law. And another friend who was grieving a loss in her family.


After I downed my french fries, (I am seriously regretting that drive through purchase because now I feel disgusting) I saw a friend at the store. He said ‘How are you doing?’ I said ‘Ugh. I’m so tired.’ Lovely. I’m sure he walked away thinking ‘Wow. My life is so much better today now that I ran into joyful Julie.’

So today (and for the rest of the week) I am going to focus on not complaining. Seriously. I have it GOOD. No, I have it GREAT. You see that family up there? Yes. They’re mine. And they love me.

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