Tips for Stress-Free Holiday Entertaining + 15 Holiday Drink Concoctions


Do the words Holiday Entertaining make you cringe a little (or a lot)? We’re all busy moms, so the idea of hosting a party in our homes can at times feel intimidating and overwhelming. Sometimes, on extreme days, just my kids asking if someone can come over makes me want to run upstairs and scream in my pillow “I’m so stressed out!!!” Can you relate here?

Do the words Holiday Entertaining make you cringe a little (or a lot)? We're all busy moms, so the idea of hosting a party in our homes can at times feel intimidating and overwhelming. Here are a few easy tips, plus 15 Holiday Drink Concoctions to help get your party started.

But I love to entertain and have people in my home. So when I do throw a party, it’s low-key and usually involves cocktails, wine, and small appetizers. My key to a successful and low-stress party? Already having great wines on hand, ready to go. Our local grocery store offers a great deal on wine when you buy at least six. I take advantage of this deal quite a bit during the holidays.

Entertainers Collection

I was also recently introduced to Global Wine Cellar’s Entertainers Collection (pictured above) for only $100. That’s six bottles of wine, at my doorstep that have been selected by credentialed sommeliers and wine insiders. Not only that, but the wines also come with pairing ideas so you’ll know just what to serve. I had the chance to try their Spagnol Prosecco and it was so light, crisp, and flavorful. I can’t wait to try more!

Some of their party ready picks from around the world include:

  • A fresh and vibrant Prosecco from  Italy
  • A lively Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand
  • A Pinot blend from the northern California coast
  •  A plummy red from sunny, southern Italy
  • A silky Cabernet Sauvignon from Stellenbosch, South Africa
  • A bold, limited-production Cabernet from Mendoza, Argentina

Here are a few tips they share for making sure your party goes well and you enjoy yourself; which is important!

  • Be party-ready! Have a well stocked wine bar with an assortment of fabulous wines to offer guests from Global Wine Cellar’s Entertainer’s Collection.
  • Need to chill sparkling and white wines quickly? Place bottles in a sink or cooler with ice, cold water and a few tablespoons of salt.
  • For more flavorful whites and snappier reds, pull your white wines out of the fridge and put your reds in about half an hour before your guests arrive.
  • Designate someone to offer guests a drink upon arrival and another (maybe one of the kids) to take coats, so you can enjoy yourself and mingle!

I always serve my reds at room temperature, but I am definitely going to try their idea of popping them in the fridge for a few.

Do you have any tips for stress-free entertaining? (Besides not entertaining at all! Mmmmhmmmm, I know you guys well, and you’re just as snarky as me. 😉 )

These 15 holiday drink recipes are not only beautiful, but they sound amazing. From a Gingerbread Martini to a Christmas Margarita.

Whether you love wine, beer or serving up cocktails, here are 15 Holiday Drinks that are sure to wow your guests.

5 Holiday Drink Concoctions


Berry Christmas Martini | I’m Bored – Let’s Go


2. Nutty Pumpkin Cocktail | Mom Foodie at blommi


3. Scrumptious Sangria | Spoil My Family


4. Pumpkin Spice Cake Martini | Snappy Gourmet


5. Bloody Mary and Candy Kebabs | Carmela Pop (I was thinking to make this festive for the holidays, you could do something with red, white and green candies.)


6. Tall Mango Jalapeno Fizzy Cocktail | My Food Story


7. Christmas Margarita | Money Saving Sisters

cranberry rum punch

8. Cranberry Rum Punch | The Frugal Mom


9. Christmas Cookie Martini | I’m Bored – Let’s Go

Holiday Punch

10. Holiday Punch | Brittany’s Pantry


11. Pomegranate Mimosas | A Few Shortcuts


12. How to rim your glasses with crushed candy cane | The Thrifty Couple


13. Theo Chocolate Martini | Kristi Trimmer


14. Gingerbread Martini | I’m Bored – Let’s Go


15. Cranberry Spritzer (non-alcoholic) | The Frugal Navy Wife


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