The Best Workouts for Moms On-the-Go


    Moms on the go workouts

    Let’s face it – #momlife is hard. As soon as you become a mother you are one hundred percent focused on taking care of your child. Did they eat enough? Are they sleeping? What appointments or activities do they need to get to? What can you do to make their life the best it can be? Moms are selfless, so it is not uncommon to put their own health and wellness aside. Many mothers, whether raising a newborn or juggling multiple ages, struggle to find the time for themselves. This is especially true when it comes to working out. Being a fit mom may seem like a shot in the dark, but there are some really amazing workout options to fit into your busy schedule.

    • HIIT

    High Intensity Interval Training, better known as HIIT, will give you a huge bang for your buck. During a HIIT workout you will perform dynamic, full-energy exercises for twenty-seconds at a time, followed by ten second of rest. This pattern continues as long as you do! This style of workout generally ranges from ten to thirty minutes, making it a perfect option to fit in anywhere. While gyms do offer these classes, they are just as easy to find for free on YouTube with easy-to-follow- videos. There are even printables to keep in your purse and pull out when the opportunity arises.

    • Bodyweight

    As a mom, sometimes the thought of making it to the gym can be too good to be true. The goal is to make the most of your time, so being able to drop and work out anywhere is imperative. With bodyweight workouts, you don’t need a gym or any of its equipment to have an effective sweat session. Many are already available online and some have specific targets, whether you are looking to focus on upper body, lower body, or core muscles. For the best results, work them all into the mix! Again, these types of workouts can range in length to fit the openings in your schedule.

    • Resistance Bands

    If you have never worked out with resistance bands, you are in for a treat. These bands are incredibly portable, which means you can fold them up, keep them in your purse, and pull them out whenever and wherever. Resistance bands come in a variety of tensions, and generally come multiple tensions in a pack, so you can truly customize the intensity of your workout merely by switching bands. This type of resistance workout is perfect for overall body toning and perfect for your busy lifestyle.

    • Workout Apps

    We live in a world of technology, so it would be a shame not to use it. Not to mention we are constantly attached to our cell phones. It is time to put them to better use! Nowadays there are hundreds of apps available for both iphone and droid users that allow you to access workouts with one touch. These apps range from HIIT workouts, to yoga classes, to 5K training, to gym guides, and more. No matter what your fitness style, there is bound to be an app or two meant for you. Many of these are free, but the ones that do charge a fee make it totally worth it. No gym membership needed here!

    In the world of moms there is no time to waste time. This includes creating a fitness routine that fits your on-the-go needs and does not require a visit to your local gym. Remember the phrase “you cannot give from an empty cup”? It’s true! In order to be the best mom you can be and provide your children with a fulfilled life, you yourself need to fulfill your needs by being as healthy, strong, and energetic as you can be. Give some of these convenient workouts a try and see how much better you will look and feel. #Momlife never stops and neither should you!


    Alyson MonacoAlyson Monaco is a published writer, expert in health and fitness, and professional dancer hailing from New Jersey. Her love of how the body works began through early dance training, which lead to a major in Dance at internationally renowned Boston Conservatory. Aside from movement studies, she was trained extensively in kinesiology, anatomy, and nutrition. These would only aid in her pursuit of both Group Fitness and Personal Training certifications through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA)/National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Alyson has been actively working as a fitness instructor, Personal Trainer, and nutrition coach since 2013 and has been writing on her areas of expertise since 2016. She loves working one on one with people of all ages and ability, and truly enjoys helping people find a better quality of life.