8 Ways To Become A Successful And Profitable Blogger


With hundreds of blogs being created daily, how can you make sure yours will stand out among the others?

There are plenty of things you can do to make sure your blog grabs the attention of thousands while also creating a substantial income. Do you want to dramatically increase your page views and income?

You need to make sure you build a website that retains the focus of your reader and gets them coming back for more. The internet is a powerful place and there is plenty of room for bloggers to grow successful blogs.

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Here is a list of 10 things to do to become a successful blogger.

1. Never stop learning 

One of the most important parts of blogging is the willingness to keep on learning. Social media and the online world is constantly changing, so it’s imperative to stay up to date with things.

Whether you’re a beginner blogger or you’ve been blogging for years, staying educated and constantly learning is important.

There is a ton of free information out there that can help you grow as a blogger, or you can sign up for a course related to blogging. There are paid courses on affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, increasing page views on Pinterest, and so many more.

2. Write with the intent to help others

The number one mistake new bloggers often make is talking about themselves too much. Your audience comes to your blog to learn how to make their life easier. They want tips, advice, and helpful resources. They (usually) don’t want to hear your life story.

Your audience does want to get to know you, but not in every single blog post. Talk about yourself on your About Me page, and in posts when it makes sense to. When you want to be relatable, talk about yourself. This makes sense in posts where you’re writing a post like, “How To Get A Picky Eater To Eat Vegetables”. You could talk about how you have been struggling to get your little ones to eat vegetables and what you’re doing to overcome this.

build a community

3. Build a community 

The strongest blogs out there have very tight knit communities. These communities converse with each other in Facebook groups and even at meet ups in-person.

4. Make your blog easy to navigate 

A blog that is hard to navigate will have a much higher bounce rate. Bounce rate is the percentage of readers who come to your website and read one article, and then exit immediately after.

Make it easy for your readers to find others by including a search bar at the top of the website. Create headers and subheaders which will allow easier navigation. If you have a free resource library or Facebook community group, you will also want to put those links in a place where it is easily accessible and memorable on your blog.

Here is a handy, in-depth list of the resources I recommend to get started blogging the right way.

5. Attend blogging conferences 

Blogging conferences give you the option to network and meet other bloggers in your niche, meet and collaborate with brands, and learn from the pros in the blogging world. You’ll hear from keynote speakers and bloggers who are making well over 7 figures per year solely from their blog.

Blogging conferences usually last 1 week and are held in different cities every year.

Also, you can write off blogging conferences on your taxes!

Some of the most popular blogging conferences are:

6. Dominate search engines 

Pinterest and Google are both search engines that bloggers should take advantage of.

Landing on the first page of Google can bring in tens of thousands of page views per month, which is why it is very important to become educated on Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Pinterest is very powerful as well for page views and should be taken just as seriously as Google. Food Bloggers do especially well on Pinterest, bringing in millions of views from the platform alone. However, there is room for pretty much any niche on Pinterest as long as it is family-friendly.

Choosing the best hosting company is also very important to dominate the search engines. Check out Hosting Foundry to give you a step up against your competition.

email list

7. Take your email list seriously 

An email list is one of the most important things when it comes to blogging. With social media, Pinterest, and Google constantly changing, you cannot rely on these sites for page views.

The great thing about email is that the blogger owns the email list 100%. Emails are incredibly personal and give you time to develop a relationship with your reader, which can grow trust and therefore, income.

To grow an email list, make sure to create an awesome free opt-in. People don’t subscribe to email lists for nothing in return anymore. Great freebies could be ebooks, short courses, or insider articles that you don’t let the public see, such as an income report.

8. Create your own products 

Creating digital or physical products can be a great income earner for bloggers.

Bloggers can sell ebooks, courses, planners, and plenty of other things that help their audience.

The key to a successful and profitable blog has to do with how hard the blogger is willing to work. Blogging takes consistency, patience, and the willingness to put in a lot of work from the very beginning.

Do you want to get started blogging? Check out this list of the 4 things you need to do this week to get started blogging.