Guide to Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals


Across the globe, Black Friday is famous for harboring scenes of panic and chaos in the name of great deals, and anyone who has been near the electronics section knows that at least some of that chaos is very much merited! Great deals pop up and run out in the blink of an eye, and if you’re lucky enough to snag one of these, it can make for an awfully low priced holiday gift for a friend, a family member, or even for yourself. Cyber Monday follows a few days after with, admittedly, much less adrenaline, but with flash deals that can leave some items at jaw-dropping discounts.

Not all deals are made equally, however, and some of them aren’t that great of deals at all. We’ve put together a few guidelines to follow to make sure you’re getting the best deals possible this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It’s important to note, too, that the rules of the game change a bit during the age of COVID-19. Here’s our guide to finding the best deals.

Electronics and Appliances are a Steal

A lot of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing goes towards discounts on electronic products, and this is for a very good reason. TV’s are often some of the most discounted items with some sales dropping some price tags to nearly half of the price. Video games and consoles are some more heavily discounted items that also make for fantastic holiday gifts. Department stores will often mark down appliances a hefty amount, as well.

One brand that always seems to get a lot of attention is Apple. Luckily, this attention is nearly always accompanied by pretty good sales. Keep an eye on older models, too, as sales on these items tend to be huge.

The Early Bird

Friday morning sales can be stressful to grab amidst all of the hectic shoppers, and all of that stress might very well turn out in your item already being sold out. Luckily, none of that is really necessary. A lot of stores will start their sales the day before—yup, on Thanksgiving. If you’re willing to go hunting for deals instead of sitting around the dinner table, you’ll likely be able to find all of the great deals that will be fought over in the morning, but under a lot less stress.

In the year of the coronavirus, of course, going to the store at all might not be the best idea. Luckily, being early applies to online deals as well. Whether it be on Thanksgiving Day or on Black Friday, online stores will start to roll out their sales early in the morning—likely before 5 AM. This means you can wake up early and snag the best deals before they sell out, without even having to leave your bed. Be on the lookout days and weeks prior on different stores’ social media to get an idea of what things will be going on sale.

Keep Your Paperwork, Especially with Clothes

Don’t throw away your receipts! Sure, your products might come out of the store damaged from all of the chaos, and it’s important to keep your receipts should this happen. But, perhaps not as obvious, is that you should keep your receipts even if your products are in perfect shape!

Stores are pretty much expected to have discounts during this weekend, which means that most stores will at least push the idea of a sale, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that these stores will actually be offering the best deals. Especially with clothes, prices tend to shift a bunch, and this can mean that prices might be lower even after the big sales. If this happens, it might be a good idea to return your item and snag an even better deal. Try to avoid winter clothes, too. The big discounts on these happen after winter has just passed—it’s better to wait for those deals.

Holiday Decorations

Usually, it’d be a good idea to avoid holiday decorations during Black Friday, as prices are going to keep dropping especially as Christmas gets closer, and dramatically the days right after Christmas. That being said, in the middle of a pandemic, you want to avoid being in crowded stores as much as possible. If that means getting holiday lights on Black Friday, we’re all for it.

Online shopping, of course, avoids being in crowded areas. Waiting until the last few weeks or days to order your decorations, however, can be risky. Delayed shipping, especially during these icy months, can make you miss out on decorating on time altogether.

Social Distancing

If you’re checking this guide in 2020, then we’re not exactly in safe shopping territory quite yet. For this reason, the Black Friday crowds are a worse idea more now than ever. On top of that, a lot of stores might not be open, or at least not in the same ways. Many stores will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, and restrictions are sure to apply on Black Friday, as well. This makes online shopping even more of a great option. You avoid the stress of the crowds and the stress of the pandemic all in one!

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