What’s the Best Order to Apply Skin Care Products? Here’s Your Guide


    With all of the different types of skincare products coming out today, it’s hard to know which ones are necessary and which ones you can go without. It’s even harder to know how to put each one on, as well as the correct order to put them on.

    Order to apply beauty products

    It can get rather confusing and overwhelming but have no fear. Today, we have a guide for applying different skin care products, in the morning and at night.

    The Best Order to Apply Skin Care Products: Your Morning and Evening Guide



    Always, always start the morning by using a gentle face cleanser. You don’t ever want to skip this step.


    If your skin is naturally oily or combination skin, you’ll want to use a toner after your cleanser. Opt for a gentle toner rather than one with alcohol.


    Another step you don’t want to skip! Moisturizing your skin is insanely important for ensuring that your skin doesn’t get too dry or too oily. It also helps with blood circulation, complexion, and preventing wrinkles. Opt for a moisturizer with at least 15 SPF, and if your skin is naturally dry, go for a heavier moisturizer, but make sure it still has SPF in it.

    Optional Morning Skin Care Steps


    A serum isn’t completely necessary for your skin, but it’s always nice to have one. These usually are focused on specific skin issues because serums have smaller molecules that can better target issues like fine lines, uneven skin tone, and wrinkles. If you have one of these issues, I’d suggest looking for a serum to target that specific issue.

    Eye Cream

    If you’re dealing with under eye bags or fine lines under your eyes, try an eye cream. Again, it’s not completely necessary, but if you’re having issues with this area, in particular, invest in a good eye cream to use day and night.


    Makeup Remover

    This is perhaps the most important skincare step of the day. Leftover makeup can be detrimental to the quality of your skin, so taking it off at the end of the day is crucial. Use a makeup remover every single night, even if you aren’t wearing a lot of makeup.


    To ensure that all the makeup is off, use that gentle cleanser you used in the morning again. This will get all of the extra gunk off and give your face a fresh feel.


    The toner will just get any of the extra oil off and help with evening out skin tone.

    Night Cream

    This cream isn’t the same thing as your daily moisturizer. It’s a little heavier and more intense than a morning moisturizer. This is especially important in the wintertime and during harsh weather.

    Eye Cream

    Apply that same eye cream again, but this time, do it after the night cream instead of serum.

    Optional Evening Skin Care Steps

    Acne Treatment

    If you have a specialized acne treatment, apply it right after your toner.


    If you’re using a serum, use that same one again at night for the best results. Apply it after your acne treatment, if you have one, or after your toner.

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