Shop Closet Deep Where Nothing Is Over $50


As I was looking over the forecast this morning and mentally go over my fall/winter wardrobe, I was thinking of a few things I wanted to purchase. I would really, really like some new scarves, a couple more pairs of skinny jeans (to wear with my great riding boots) and an over-sized sweater. I could go on, but I won’t. In other words, I scare my checking account when I start thinking this way.

So when I hear about an online store where nothing is over $50, I get a little excited. I love to shop online. Now, obviously I love to try on clothes too. But I really, really love to shop online. I am a very (very) busy mom of 3. We’re all busy right. And what I’m learning as I get older (and wiser) ūüôā is that we’re all busy, we’re just at different levels of busy. But that’s for another post…


Two South Florida sisters named¬†Kristine and Stephanie Navas created an online fashion destination called Closet Deep where nothing sells for over $50. And the items aren’t, how do I put this nicely…crap either. They are on trend, a little bit classy and a little bit edgy.

Here are a few of their new arrivals that caught my eye.

Closet Deep 01

Can you believe that Tuxedo Blazer? It’s only $34.50. Love it. What a great addition to your closet for fall. I’m also drooling over that striped dress, the maxi, the chevron earrings…I’ll stop now.

Head on over to Closet Deep and browse around.


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