Operation Liberty Hill, Caring for the Community In Need with Free Food & Clothing


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If you could have one wish for your community, what would it be? Personally, I’m shocked when I hear how many families in my area go without necessary food and clothing. While my closets and pantry are bursting at the seams, there are kids in our local schools who go home on the weekends, hoping they’ll get fed and can hang on until Monday morning comes around for breakfast at school. I can’t even imagine how that must feel as a child and as a parent trying to provide.

My wish is for this need to be filled. What would it take to provide these families with basic needs? It takes an organization and a community of people willing to do something. Willing to sacrifice a little time, a little money and a little of themselves. operation liberty hill-03 Towards the end of September, we noticed a new business was moving in, renovating a building that had sit unused for quite some time. It’s called Operation Liberty Hill and their purpose and mission is “caring for our community“. My husband stopped by to chat with the Executive Director, Susan Baker, to find out more about what they’re providing for our community and how we can help.

Saw a need

Ms. Baker started with just a food pantry and two friends in 2011 from another facility, until moving into this new one in October 2015. She started OLH because she felt called to serve those in need in her community, both with physical needs, as well as just loving on them. They officially obtained their non-profit status in 2012 and now their board of directors consists of seven individuals who are either business owners themselves and/or major contributors to the organization. They saw and felt a need, and they’re doing something about it. operation liberty hill-05 What they provide

Operation Liberty Hill provides free food and clothing to an average of 190 families (800 individuals) per month. They offer healthier food options, not just canned and boxed, such as hamburger meat, chicken, eggs and cheese. The thrift store is open to the public and they’re always accepting donations from the community. operation liberty hill-02 operation liberty hill-04 How you can help

For those who would like to help, they need hands to sort clothing, food and work in the Thrift Shop. Just pick up a volunteer application at their building.

UPS celebrates people in our communities with #WishesDelivered

What is UPS #WishesDeliveredUPS wants to highlight people and organizations in our communities, like Operation Liberty Hill, who are dedicated to making their communities a better place. Do you know someone who is solving a problem, providing for a need and making a difference? If so, UPS wants you to share these stories with them!

For every story that’s shared using the hashtag #WishesDelivered via Twitter or Instagram, UPS will donate $1 to one of their charity partners (Boys & Girls Club of America, World Food Programme, Toys for Tots Literacy Program, The Salvation Army, The UN Refugee Agency) up to $150K! You can also go directly to the #WishesDelivered Site site and submit your story there. 

What better way to create some holiday cheer than highlighting people and organizations who are making a difference? This is for such a great cause and the more wishes that are shared, the better. What’s a wish you have? When sharing, make sure your wish is for someone else or for the greater good. Share about an organization or individual you know personally who are making a difference.

My Special UPS Story

When we lived in Colorado, our UPS man became a part of our family. I was working in an industry where packages were delivered to my door almost daily. We got to know the man in the brown suit, who wore a hat and had a great smile, quite well. At one point, he and our dog became besties. So when we weren’t home to receive our packages, he would leave a dog treat on top. It put a smile on my face (and made our dog Dart very happy) every time I came home. I looked forward to seeing him, asking how his day was going and just chatting. It was something small that he did, but it brightened our day.

I hope you’ll share a wish using the hashtag #WishesDelivered. My wish? For every child in our community to have a full tummy, warm clothes and to come in to contact with people they know who care about them. For Operation Liberty Hill to be busting at the seams with donations and to have so many volunteers they have to turn people away. 

That’s my wish. What’s your wish?

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