My Favorite Spot in Charleston, SC


    Food can nourish your body, satisfy your senses, and refuel your spirits. As least that’s what I believe as a self-proclaimed foodie.

    I spent half of my childhood in South Carolina. I remember days spent at the beach, shopping trips in downtown, perusing through the market with my Mom, and plenty of time in the sun. To rekindle our relationship with the historic city, my parents rented a beach house last summer – one with enough space for all of the kids and grandchildren.

    What a nice family vacation! Aside from walks on the beach, dips in the pools, wanderings through the neighborhood of luxurious beach houses, and visits with old friends, we explored downtown Charleston. Since we used to live there, we had done most of the touristy things like carriage tours and museums. It was time to explore off the beaten path.

    My Family Secret

    Here’s a secret about my family: we’re an entire crew of foodies!

    My mom thinks food cures all things (which makes sense with her Italian heritage). My dad and brothers are beer connoisseurs and have literally sampled beers across the globe. My sister-in-law is the best baker in our family and I have yet to eat one of her desserts that I didn’t like. One of my brothers turns his IKEA kitchen into a world class kitchen with fancy cuisine. My husband appreciates a plethora of European wine (inspired by the year and a half we lived abroad). And myself, I has a soft spot for charcuterie cheeses and meats.

    Imagine the lot of us gathering together for an entire week in one house. Let’s just say that we feasted! When we didn’t cook at home, we splurged in wonderful restaurants or breweries in Charleston. Which leads me to my favorite spot in Charleston, SC…

    Goat. Sheep. Cow.

    My favorite spot in Charleston, SC is Goat. Sheep. Cow. Charleston’s premier fromagerie.

    Five years ago my husband and I stumbled across Goat. Sheep. Cow., a hole in the wall shop. We had only been married one year and were planning to return to Europe after we caught the travel bug on our Switzerland honeymoon. We googled at the selection of European cheeses, meats and wines. Naturally we bought an assortment and headed to The Battery for a spontaneous picnic.

    I snagged a business card and have kept it in a desk drawer, knowing that the next time we found ourselves in Charleston, we would be required to pay this place a visit! So when we returned last year, this was the #1 spot we wanted to go.

    Why I love Goat. Sheep. Cow.

    Well…I love cheese, and meat, and wine, especially any of those that originate in Europe. So combine all three and I’m one happy camper!

    While there, we were able to talk with the knowledgeable expert behind the cheese counter. We told her our list of favorite cheeses and she offered us a few samples based on our preferences. They were decadent! With her assistance, we selected a small assortment of cheese for a charcuterie board.

    Next, we walked over to the deli. The cheese expert told the meat expert which cheeses we selected, which then allowed the meat expert to hand pick a few meats that would pair well with our assortment.

    Finally, we sat down at the bar. Our bartender was informed of the cheese and meat selections, which also come with a variety of dried nuts, fruits, and pate spread. She, being a sommelier, suggested a few wines that would pair best with our charcuterie tray.

    We felt pampered as we experienced some of the best samples this side of the Atlantic. We indulged, savored, and spent nearly 2 hours wining and dining!

    You may be thinking, “Wow, this sounds like a upscale, high class type of place.” Well, yes and no. Yes, it certainly is refined. But we walked in wearing shorts and a t-shirt, with a DSLR camera around my neck; as casual as we were, we didn’t stand out.

    If we showed up in the evening, perhaps we could have been a bit under dressed (simply because we were in shorts. But hey, Charleston is hot in the summer). However this isn’t a black and white attire kind of joint. Be confident in yourself and simply enjoy the experience. I promise that’s what the staff desire!

    Why you should visit Goat. Sheep. Cow. in Charleston, SC

    If you are a foodie, then you absolutely cannot miss this fantastic restaurant! I highly recommend the charcuterie board or at least buying a bit of meat or cheese and enjoying it with a glass of wine. They also have a lunch menu if you want to linger over a proper meal.

    Don’t skip over the shelves of items for sale. They offer olives from various countries, artisan crackers, dips and spreads, wines, cups, aprons, and various helpful gadgets (like bottle openers and wine charms). We couldn’t resist buying some crackers to take home with our cheese.

    Don’t have experience with international foods? This would be an excellent place to start. The expert staff have the best suggestions and you won’t be disappointed.

    Learn more about the events, menu, two locations, and history on the Goat. Sheep. Cow. website.

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    *I do not earn anything by recommending this restaurant. It is simply my favorite place in Charleston, South Carolina and I wanted to share the delightful food and experience with you!