All-Natural DIY Face Wash (with baking soda!)


I have been a loyal makeup brand follower for years! Mama, I know that you probably have your favorite brands and special products that you cannot live without.

This particular brand had an Everyday Face Scrub that was a staple in my cupboard and something I stocked up on during sales. My favorite thing about this popular brand’s face scrub is that is has the perfect amount of scrub. You know, it’s the fine particles that cleanse my pores of sweat, makeup, and dead skin cells. But it wasn’t so harsh that my skin became dried out or stripped of it’s natural oils. Honestly, it is a fantastic product!

But over the last year I have expanded my knowledge about chemicals in America’s beauty products. (And food too, but that’s another topic for another article!) My skin has grown more and more sensitive to chemicals, those in both beauty products and food. My skin is practically screaming for gentle and natural products.

As I’ve finished the tubes of store bought makeup and beauty products, I’ve been concocting homemade alternatives. Since I just squeezed the last drops out of my beloved face scrub this week, I needed a new face wash, and fast! 

What I need my face wash to accomplish.

Obviously a face wash cleanses my face. But I’m after more than a simple soap. I loved all of the benefits of my name brand product, aside from the ingredients.In my opinion, that’s a high standard to live up to.

Could I actually create a face wash with natural ingredients that would offer the same capabilities?

  • I needed a light scrub to provide a deep clean.
  • I desired a daily face wash that wouldn’t dry out my skin.
  • I wanted something without any chemicals.
  • A nice smell would be pleasing but not necessarily a requirement.
  • Oh, and it needed to be economical.

The Key Ingredients to an All-Natural Face Wash

After scouring the internet for face wash recipes, I discovered that there were a few key ingredients I needed to include in my face wash:

  • Baking soda. This natural product would offer me the scrubbing power that I was after.
  • Castile soap. I need to create a face soap…key word here: soap! This is a concentrated soap that can be diluted and used in nearly every single DIY all-natural household cleaner.
  • Essential oils. Each oil harnesses different properties. I can personalize both the smell and the impact of my face was by using different essential oils.

How I made my All-Natural DIY Face Wash

I browsed a few recipes and decided that I needed a creamy face wash. The liquid ones are excellent cleaners, but having baking soda in the recipe means the soap needs to be cream based.

I need to use tea tree oil. I have acne prone skin, and this essential oil is perfect to help remove blemishes.

I want to use either peppermint or lavender to make my face wash smell nice. This was purely a personal preference!

My face wash needs to squirt out of a bottle. I could make this in a jar, but it’s much more simple to squirt face wash out of a bottle while in the shower (which is where I wash my face the most).

I combined the key ingredients to match with my desired results. I felt like a mad scientist with hopes of a world-changing product. I think the results are outstanding! I initially tested the product on my hands and couldn’t get over how smooth and nourished they felt after a quick hand wash. I could already imagine myself rubbing my soft cheeks as I drift off to sleep.

All-Natural DIY Face Wash (with baking soda!)

1/2 cup baking soda

1/2 cup coconut oil

1/4 cup pure liquid castile soap

6 drops of peppermint essential oil

4 drops of tea tree oil

Instructions: Add all of the ingredients in the order listed to a bottle or jar. Shake vigorously until fully mixed.

To use: Using a dime-sized amount, gently rub into skin. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. Can be used on face, neck, chest, hands or feet. I recommend using a gentle face moisturizer after washing skin.

Notes: This face wash is recommended for all types of skin (oily, dry, or combination). It is also effective for acne prone skin because of the tea tree oil. For extra acne fighting power, add an additional 3 drops of lemon essential oil.

Tip: Don’t forget that would make a thoughtful personalized gift! Use light scents for women (like citrus or flowers), but opt for earthy essential oils for men (such as fir, sage or frankincense). If your recipient struggles with acne, be sure to include tea tree and lemon essential oils.


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