Monthly Check In #2


It’s way past time for another Monthly Check In. I did my first one in January and well, here it is March! How did that happen? I have so many random thoughts and things I want to share with you all, but most of them aren’t worthy of one post, so this is where I’ll round up what’s been happening.


I still haven’t finished reading Spark Joy which I purchased in January. I’m not exactly sure why, except for maybe the idea of decluttering was overwhelming me. We’re fairly good at dealing with clutter, but definitely have a long way to go to get to where we want to be. Maybe this spring I’ll get the urge and motivation. My youngest son who is 12 is reading Marie Kondo’s first book and seems to be enjoying it. I can’t wait to discuss the whole book with him and get a 12 year old boy’s perspective.

Taste a Love Story

I have been reading a lot of Kindle Unlimited books lately. Like a whole lot. Fiction is my favorite and I’ve been enjoying getting lost in different stories, places and discovering new authors. If you’e unfamiliar with Kindle Unlimited, let you tell you the basics. You pay a monthly fee and get to “check out” 10 books at a time if they’re on the Kindle Unlimited list. I have been incredibly pleased with the selection and feel like it’s saving us some money. It’s so easy for me to see a book, want that book and click a button to own that book. The next thing I know I’ve spent $30 without blinking.

You can sign up for a Kindle Unlimited 30 Day Free Trial here.


J Jill floral top

The new J. Jill spring collection is absolutely beautiful. I received this floral top, this Gossamer tunic and these chinos in chalk blue and I can’t get enough of them! The tops go really well with jeans, shorts, chinos and they are so light weight. They’ll be perfect for the Texas spring.

I also ordered this scarf and necklace on Amazon and am so happy with this purchase. The scarf will be good for the days that start off a little chilly, warm up quite a bit and then dip back down. I’ve been wearing the necklace alone and also layering it with some of my longer necklaces.


I mentioned this new foundation application I was introduced to and how much I love it. It has been a game changer for me and the way my foundation goes on and stays on. I’m on the hunt for a lighter weight foundation for spring and summer and might go back to a mineral foundation. I’m not sure yet, so if you have anything you love and use, share away!


My two sons are vegetarians and have been so for 6 months now. It’s amazing how much healthier we eat these days because of it. I eat vegetables for almost every meal now because I’ve noticed I don’t feel very good without them. Imagine that?

My morning breakfast ritual is to sautee some veggies like red peppers, spinach and onions in a little olive oil, add some eggs and scramble away. It keeps me full, energetic and satisfied until lunch. Gone are the days I filled up with sugary cereal and then was hungry 30 minutes later.

I’ve doing a little experiment of my own and am trying out the vegetarian lifestyle for a few weeks. I just want to see how I feel. I’m not sure where this experiment will take me, but we’ll see….


I’m currently going through the Elite Blog Academy in an effort to always be crafting my blogging style, and taking it to the next level. Blogging supports my family and I feel so incredibly blessed to be able to do this for a living. My husband and I work side by side everyday, which works really well for us. My middle son was hired for my video editing and I just hired on my 18 year old daughter as my assistant. It’s a family business and I could not be happier.


As you’re reading this, my family and I are on a spring break trip in California. We’re staying in Yosemite a couple of nights and then heading into San Francisco for a few days. I am so excited!! I’m  sure I’ll be posting pictures on Instagram, so take a peek and see what’s happening.

Do you have any travel plans coming up soon? I would love to hear where you’re headed!