K Cup Storage Ideas


It’s Monday morning. This is the day I usually find myself organizing things and rooms. I do my best on Sundays to get the family ready for Mondays, but organizing projects are saved for during the week.

I saw this FANTASTIC K Cup Storage Drawer Deal on Amazon (Only $15 marked down from $49.99) and I had to not only share the deal, but share some other K Cup Storage Ideas. As of now, I just use a glass container to store our K Cups. As you can see, my coffee center is nothing special. It will become a little more special when we move into our new house in 17 days. 17 DAYS. I’ll have granite countertops, which my coffee center will proudly be organized on top of.

Coffee Center

(Dear Coffee Center: someone needs to clean you!)

I have secretly coveted my friends’ K Cups Storage products since the day I received my Keurig, but I have yet to purchase one. I didn’t want a rack that took up a lot of space, so the storage drawer is the way to go for me. Did I order one? You better believe I did!  Thanks to Amazon Prime it will be here in 2 business days. Sweet!

The Keurig sits on top of the drawer, so it doesn’t take up any additional counter space. Perfect.

K Cups Storage Drawer

Here are a few other K Cup Storage Ideas for you…

Here’s a 3-tier option, which holds 54 K cups: Nifty 3-Tier 54 Coffee Pod Drawer-Holds 54 K-Cup Portion Packs.

K Cup Storage drawer 3 tier

There’s also the carousel option, if counter space isn’t an issue for you: Nifty Carousel for 35 K-Cups, Chrome.

35 K-Cup Carousel

Here’s a K Cup drawer with a vertical option: Keurig 05094 Countertop Storage Drawer.

K Cup Storage

Here are some ideas from some fellow bloggers when it comes to K Cup Storage:

A Glass Container or Chrome Bucket

Gorgeous Ceramic Containers

Something a little bit “Junky-er” (that made me smile)

Do you own a Keurig? If so, how do you store your K Cups?