I’m Now a Sounfreaq and I Love It!


“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Soundfreaq. I received a Soundfreaq SoundPlatform 2 to facilitate my review.”

I recently switched from a phone that was giving me all kinds of issues to an iPhone. How happy am I? Ecstatic. It’s been the kind of phone I had hoped for and Siri and I are tight y’all.

soundfreaq sound platform 2
Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2

But what I love about my phone is, it’s not just a phone. It also holds my love of music. I listen to music when I run, in the car and when I clean. There was only one problem about listening to music on my iPhone while I clean. I didn’t have a speaker to plug it into. But I found a solution to that problem. I put my phone in a bowl! Yes, I said a bowl. I read somewhere (probably Pinterest) that putting your iPod or iPhone in a bowl would amplify the sound. Did it work? Yes, yes it did. Was it as great as a speaker? No, no it wasn’t. But it worked for the time being. Until my kids and friends started making fun of my for my little set up. So, I went on the hunt for a speaker.

My 9 year old loves shopping for technology items, so we spent some time in Target seeing what my options were. There were quite a few and I ended up leaving left empty handed. Then came this little email asking if I would like an opportunity to test out the Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2 speaker. Hello perfect timing!

I also just so happened to be moving into a new house at the time the speaker arrived, so I had the perfect spot chosen for my new friend. The bar area that separates our kitchen and living room.

soundfreaq sound platform 2 01

Doesn’t it look great?! It’s the perfect spot because you can hear it all throughout the downstairs. I’m considering purchasing another one for the master bedroom. I love it and use it all the time.

soundfreaq sound platform 2 02

What’s so great about the Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2 speaker you ask? Here are a few of its features that make it stand out:

  • Universal Bluetooth Wireless – meaning I can play my music from my phone wirelessly. It’s also been used a ton by my three kids who all have iPods.
  • It features dual USB charging ports to charge 2 smart- phones or tablets at the same time. I am able to charge my phone while listening to music. Or just use it as a charging station, which I’ve been doing quite frequently.
  • Not only does Sound Platform 2 bring music to life, it plays any audio from your smart phone, tablet or PC. 
  • It has exceptional sound performance.  Sound Platform 2 is acoustically balanced to compliment every genre, at any volume. 

From the sleek looking design, sound quality, features such as charging abilities and the fact I can play my music wirelessly – this makes the Soundfreaq Sound Platform 2 the perfect speaker choice for my home.

Do you have a speaker you use with your phone or music device? Tell me about yours and how/where you use it!