18 Holiday Drinks Everyone Will Love


Planning your Christmas menu? Whether you’re putting together a spread for the family or creating cocktails for a virtual hang-out with friends, make sure that you have only the best holiday drinks on hand, from the ultra-boozy to the sweet to the simply non-alcoholic. Here are 18 holiday drinks that everyone on your guest list (or just in your house) will love.

Classic, Can’t-Miss Holiday Drinks

There are a few drinks that are simply classics that you won’t want to miss this season. If you’ve made them from a packet or mix or bought them pre-made before, try making them on your own this year, for a fun experience, you can share with friends and families. Most can be made both alcohol and non-alcoholic, in case you want to whip up two versions to have on hand, so there’s something for every guest and family member.

First up, the eggnog. You can actually make this eggnog recipe now and then let it age until your next holiday event — really! Just tuck it back in the fridge and wait for all the ingredients to work their magic.

Then, of course, you’ve got the mulled wine. A super-easy drink, it’s a classic that shouldn’t be missed if you’ve yet to add it to your Christmas spread.

Hot chocolate is a staple, and you can make it either boozy or kid-friendly, depending on your guest list (just make sure not to mix them up!).

Feeling a few sniffles coming on? Beat them back with a cider hot toddy.

Other classics to consider include hot buttered rum (another recipe you can make ahead and then store until you’re ready to use it) and wassail.

Warm and Boozy Holiday Drinks

If you want something that’ll warm you, head to toes, inside and out, go with a warm and boozy holiday drink.

A hot apple jerry comes with a fun name, and is a mix of several different flavors you’ll find in some of the more classic holiday cocktails. Think apple, rum, spices, butter and whipped cream.

This spiced orange apple amaretto punch is similar, with lots of holiday spices and flavors, and it can be made both boozy and not, so everyone can give it a sip.

Want the flavors of pumpkin pie, without the actual work of baking a pumpkin pie? Try this hot pumpkin pie cocktail that comes together with a little almond milk, Bailey’s, vodka, pumpkin puree and pumpkin pie spice.

For a buzzy start to your holiday morning, why not try a spiked gingerbread coffee?

Refreshing and Boozy Holiday Drinks

But you don’t always want something warming, even if it is the middle of winter. Sometimes, a refreshing, fruity, sparkly, and bubble-filled cocktail is exactly what the doctor ordered to counteract all those heavy holiday dishes.

For example, a gin fizz is both refreshing and light. This option with grapefruit and cardamom is sure to be a hit with your older guests.

A holiday-themed sangria is likewise always a good pick for crowds of winos (and you can also make a non-alcoholic version, too).

Champagne is obviously a good pick for any celebration, but you can take things a step further with a Champagne-based cocktail.

Non-Alcoholic Holiday Drinks for the Whole Family

If you’re restraining from too many alcoholic beverages this season, or you just want something every single member of the family can easily enjoy, try a non-alcoholic party beverage.

This sparkling pear punch is a good fit that’s a little more refined than your typical party punch, but that still comes together in just a few minutes.

For a bit of sparkly celebration, peach bellini cocktails are a nice addition to a get-together, or even to a holiday brunch.

If your tastes tend to lie toward dessert cocktails, you can still get those sugary-sweet flavors in a mocktail format, with this creamy white Christmas punch that’s as pretty as it is delicious.

A white Russian mocktail provides similar sweet flavors, as does this cocoa mock-tini, a fun alternative to your normal hot chocolate and/or spiked hot chocolate.

Whatever Drink You Go With This Holiday Season…

Whatever beverage you choose this holiday season, remember to drink responsibly. Offer your guests (and yourself!) plenty of snacks leading up to dinner, to soak up some of the booze before the main meal, and make sure there’s plenty of water to go around.