10 Tips for Getting the Guest Bathroom Holiday Ready


I am in full Holiday cheer mode and am so ready to start celebrating. As much as the Christmas bug has already bitten me, I’m holding off on decorating until after Thanksgiving. It’s a request from my family and we want to embrace the fall and Thanksgiving holiday first. So yesterday I spent part of the day shopping at Target, ooohing and aaahing over their decorations. First on my list – the guest bathroom!

10 Tips for Getting the Guest Bathroom Holiday Ready

Before I get into the tips, let me share with you some of the gorgeous Holiday decor and bathroom necessities I found at Target. As I first walked through the decor, these stunning decorations caught my eye.

target holiday decor-01 target holiday decor-02

As much as I wanted to snatch these up, I was shopping for fall. A few must-haves for our guest bathroom included a great smelling candle, new hand towels, a new basket and lots of toilet paper. I always make sure there is plenty of Quilted Northern bath tissue in our guest bathroom, because there’s nothing pleasant about using the bathroom at someone’s house, noticing they’re out of toilet paper and there’s not a new roll in sight!

quilted nothern and target target holiday decor-03 target holiday decor-04

If you read my first post about Quilted Northern and Travis the Turtle, then you know that it’s designed so well, you completely forget your bathroom experience. If you know what I mean. I knew Quilted Northern and some new decor from Target would help me get my bathroom guest ready for the Holidays. Also, from now until November 7th, Quilted Northern is on sale at Target plus a Cartwheel offer for additional savings. I love my Cartwheel app!

To get my bathroom ready for Thanksgiving, I purchased a new rug in gorgeous fall colors, hand towels, soap dispenser, fall wreath, candle and a wire basket for storing extra toilet paper. In an instant I took my bathroom from spring/summer colors to fall.

bathroom redecorating-01 bathroom redecorating-02 bathroom redecorating-03 bathroom redecorating-04

I love how it turned out. Now bring on the guests! 

10 Tips for Getting the Guest Bathroom Holiday Ready

1. Clear the Clutter – If it doesn’t belong in the bathroom, get rid of it. If it’s a broken bath toy, get rid of it. If it drives you crazy every time you walk into the bathroom, get rid of it!

2. If you can’t get rid of it, hide it – There are some things that have to be stored in the bathroom or they’re there because you have no other option. For example, toilet paper, bath toys and medicines. If the bathroom is the only place you can store extra toilet paper, hide it in a cabinet, basket or large decorative storage box.

3. Give your bathroom a good scrub from top to bottom – When is the last time you’ve given your bathroom a really good cleaning? Remove everything from the counter, toilet top, shower and floors and scrub away. Wipe down everything with a cleaner. Sweep and mop the floors. Scrub the tub and fixtures.

4. Change or rinse the shower liner – Have you checked your shower liner lately? There’s a possibility it needs to be changed or cleaned. If it smells bad or has mildew growing on it, then it definitely needs to be taken care of. This can be causing your bathroom to smell and mildew is never a good thing. If it’s a heavier duty shower liner, washing it with laundry detergent, vinegar or bleach might do the trick and save you from purchasing a new one. But some liners are super cheap and are made to be replaced. I recommend a mildew resistant liner.

5. Change out the hand towels – If your hand towels are ragged, stained or just plain old, changing them out with new ones can make all the difference in the appearance of your guest bathroom.

6. Store extra towels/wash cloths in a basket or on a shelf where they’re visible to guests – If your guests are staying over night, have extra clean towels available to them where they are easy to see. There’s something so inviting about a basket of folded up white towels. It makes you feel like you’re at a nice hotel and it shows your guests that you care.

7. Have extra toiletries on hand – Have you ever been on a trip and forgot your toothbrush? Yep. Me too. The worst part is discovering it as you’re getting ready for bed. Having extra toiletries on hand like tootbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner and deodorant can be a life-saver for your guests.

8. Add some art work – Are the walls of your guest bathroom bare or have mismatched wall hangings? By adding just a couple of pieces of cheery art work to the space, you can completely change the look.

9. Bring in some greenery – If your counter space allows, add a plant or fresh flowers to the space. Plants and flowers liven up a space and make them feel calming. It’s special touches like this that really make a difference.

10. Try aromatherapy – Candles are great in theory, but they can be dangerous if forgotten about and also not practical around younger guests. I personally love them, but if I have guests over who have younger kids, the candles do not get lit. An oil diffuser is not only safer, it also leaves your bathroom smelling great.


  1. Thanks for the decorating ideas and it will help me for the upcoming holiday night party. It’s really gonna be memorable to enter in such a decorated bathroom. Few new set of towels, toiletries into a organizer, new toothbrushes, wall arts and a nice clean scented bathroom will be my one, what do you think??

  2. Wonderful bathroom renovation ideas. The most unique thing that I got from your article is, “add some art work”. And I am gonna try it in my bathroom very soon. Thanks for the ideas dear.

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