Getting Ready for Back to School with a Visit to Pearle Vision

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A few years ago our youngest son, Aaron, was experiencing headaches quite frequently. He would come home from school exhausted and then the headaches would hit in the early evening. One trip to the eye doctor and we found out just how bad his eyesight was. One pair of glasses later and the headaches stopped.

Did you know that 10% of preschoolers and 25% of kids in K-6th grade have vision deficiencies? We were one of those statistics, and as a parent it feels good to know we’ve taken care of something that was really affecting him.

Since 80% of what children learn is through their eyes, getting an eye appointment before the school year starts is very important. Once Aaron had his eyes examined and received his first pair of glasses, so much changed for him; even how he was performing in school.

Since kids’ eyes change and they need an eye appointment every year, I took Aaron to our local Pearle Vision located in Wolf Ranch Town Center so he would be set before school starts. The staff and Dr. Mark Sturm took the time needed and gave him a very comprehensive eye exam. Not to mention they were incredibly nice, which made Aaron feel comfortable.

I was blown away with how extensive the eye exam was, which included a visual acuity test, eye cover test and a glaucoma test. The Doctor also highly recommended pupil dilation, since Aaron had never had that done before. Eye health for their patients is extremely important to them, so they do the tests needed to make sure everything looks as it should. And if there are any problems, they’re there to walk you through it.

Both I and my middle son desperately need an eye exam, so we’ll be heading back to Pearle Vision in the next few weeks to get that taken care of. I have a feeling we’ll both be walking out of there with a prescription for glasses. My eye sight has gotten worse over the last few years and I’m embarrassed to say my 16 year old has never had a professional eye exam. It’s just one of those things we let slip through the cracks! I’m looking forward to Dr. Mark Sturm getting us both taken care of and on the road to better vision.

After the exam, it was time to pick out some glasses. Which is the fun part for any kid right? Aaron had been looking forward to this all week long. After finding the perfect pair, he sat down for a fitting and we put in an order for his new “classy” glasses. (That’s how he described them and I’d say he’s right!)

Since getting the best bang for our buck is always a good thing, I was really pleased with their current promotion. For a limited time at your local Pearle Vision, kids 18 and under receive free lenses with a purchase of frames.

Could your child use an extensive eye exam before the school year starts? Tell me about your child’s vision needs in the comments below and be entered to win a $100 Visa gift card!

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  1. My kids haven’t had eye exams yet at an eye doctor’s office, but I imagine they’ll need to within the next couple of years.

  2. I don’t have any kids but some of the children in our extended family wear glasses and have regular eye exams it is so important to stay one it.

  3. My son and daughter got their eyes checked last October and they do not need glasses at this time.

  4. My son doesn’t wear glasses but I have had his eyes checked by the eye doctor.

  5. My Granddaughter recently had her eyes examined, so far she doesn’t need glasses.

  6. My Granddaughter recently had a vision sceening, so far so good. No need for correction.

  7. My daughter goes regularly for eye appointments. She needs a special prism in her lenses so her exam and appointment are usually pretty expensive.

  8. My daughter is in her last year of college and last eye exam was perfect (thank goodness)

  9. My youngest son has been wearing glasses since he’s been 3!

  10. I don’t have kids but my nieces could use an eye exam before they go back to school

    groogruxking40 @ gmail dot com

  11. My kids just recently have their vision checked, they do not need eyeglasses yet.
    tcarolinep at gmail dot com

  12. Both my boys could use a thorough eye exam before school starts. My wife and I are always on top of things like this along with hearing, shots and physicals.

  13. Our daughter wears glasses.
    Our son so far has not needed any vision correction.
    thank you

  14. My daughters teacher noticed she was having trouble reading the board so we took her to the eye Dr and she needed glasses. She has yearly vision check ups

  15. My niece wears glasses and gets her eyes checked every 1-2 years. She mainly needs them for reading and seeing the white board at school.

  16. Both my daughters wear glasses and are actually getting new frames this week.

  17. My kids visions are still okay for now. but definitely need some sunglasses for all the outdoor activities.

    amy [at] uTry [dot] it

  18. Thus far my children’s eye’s are healthy with 20/20 vision. I make sure that they wear sunglasses whenever were outside.

  19. tweet-
    jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  20. My grandson had his vision checked earlier this year, and we learned that his distance vision was excellent, but had a very slight problem with near vision. The doctor suggested not bothering with glasses unless he started showing problems with school work, but of course to keep an eye on it.

  21. Kids don’t need glasses yet but I do! =) Truckredford(at)Gmail(dot)com

  22. I don’t have any children, however I do wear glasses. I’m 25 and I’ve been wearing them since I was in elementary school. At first my mom thought I just wanted them because everyone else in my class was getting them, but nope, I really needed them.

  23. Our daughter wears glasses. In fact, her eyes are changing and we should probably schedule another appointment soon!

  24. We just found out my six year old daughter has astigmatism and other issues.


  25. My daughter got her terrible vision from my side of the family. Thankfully, she loves how she looks in her glasses.

  26. I like to get them checked right before the new school year begins. So far, so good.

  27. The kids have their eye exams every spring, the same time I take my Dad in to have his annual checkup.

  28. our daughter wears glasses. she would like to get contacts but we are waiting until she is older.

  29. Little ones aren’t in need of glasses quite yet, but mommy does, so it’s probably only a matter of time!

  30. My girl has been wearing glasses since she was six months old and has had one surgery to correct an inward crossing eye.

  31. My oldest son wears glasses to see the board at school and when he is watching tv!

  32. I needed glasses in the first or second grade so I think its important to bring your child every year before school starts to get a check up.

  33. My 7 year old daughter has been wearing glasses for a year and it is time for a eye exam.

  34. My child’s needs are to have the yearly vision test with two or three pairs of glasses in the year’s time.

  35. My children are all adults but we all wear glasses for reading. Even my grandchildren are wearing glasses now.

  36. #Sweeps #SweepstakesEntry – comment

    I don’t have children – but myself, I wear glasses & just had my annual eye exam two months ago

  37. No kids, but I sure could use some money for new glasses, my last pair cost me around $400. Admittedly they have high-end frames, but only because I’m so rough on glasses and its the first brand that’s managed to last more then a year without breaking for me.

  38. I think it would be a great idea to have vision screening for kids. You might not know there’s a problem if they have a hard time learning…that it might be bc they can’t see well

  39. My oldest daughter who is 16 has worn glasses since she was just barely over 3. We had her tested for adhd and thank god we did. We had no idea she needed glasses. She didn’t have adhd, she was just very bored with what she was learning in preschool. lol My youngest daughter has better than perfect eyesight. I’m so jealous of her. Thank you!

  40. I’m happy to say that my children have great vision and currently have no needs. I, on the other hand, need an exam.

  41. My older daughter wears glasses, and is now looking at getting contacts . She is due for an exam. Unfortunately, it appears she inherited my poor vision.

  42. I do not have any kids of my own yet. My vision isn’t the best anymore and I have not had a vision test in a couple of years.

  43. MY daughter has needed glasses for the last few years. She sometimes wears contacts but when she is wearing glasses, I think she is the most adorable girl ever.

  44. My children don’t have any vision needs yet. At my son’s last appointment, the doctor said that my son’s vision in one eye is a little blurry.

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